Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keenan's sick :(

ugh no pictures or anything, but i just wanted to blog because i've been thinking a lot.

one thing first, as a mommy you should always go with your gut instinct.  keenan wasn't feeling good for a while and my husband was telling me to hold off going to urgent care because it seemed like he was getting better.  my gut instinct was to take him because he wasn't feeling like his jolly ole self.  well i took him when my husband was at work and they found a small start of pneumonia.  i was so disappointed in myself that i didn't take him earlier.  but, i was thankful that i listened to my mommy instinct.   

keenan woke up this morning and his lips were bloody cracked, and he def. was miserable.  i absolutely hate seeing him like this.  its his first time really being sick and it pains me more than him.  i'm mentally trying to stay calm for the sake of all of us.  though it may seem i am overreacting sometimes, i can't help it if i just want my baby back to normal.  he has been so attached to his daddy lately he didn't even want me this morning.  he kept asking for daddy and was crying so much.  it broke my heart because Walley works 12hrs and he hardly ever gets a break.  it's tough because a lot of times i still feel like a single mother. 

i'm so glad i still have my family to talk to.  they can put up with the shit i give them sometimes.  that's what family is for i suppose.  i miss being around them because it doesn't feel so lonely.  as of right now keenan is feeling a bit better. 

i need to learn how to stand up for myself more geez.  ugh. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Keenan. Then and Now

I can believe he has grown this fast, only because I have spent every single day of it with him.  I have never been away from him for longer than 6 hours, if that.  I guess I can be glad to say that i've seen him grow.  There are even days where I say, "man did you grow overnight?" ..haha.  But if you ask me if I miss it when he was small, the answer would be, "Yes, but I love it where he is now." 

Two years old, the stage of adventures and constant learning.  This is where the sponge in his head really starts soaking things in.  He has made me proud.  He remembers things so well, but he knows so much because he's pretty good at reading emotions like I do.  A week ago, he aranged his blocks in the color of the rainbow by himself.  I was shocked and tried to keep cool because I didn't want to blow his 

This is it for now.  There is sooo much more to come!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Simple Neutral Eye Look

It has been a while since i've done a youtube video.  I am thinking about making more aimed towards monolids, or just whatever I feel like doing.  I don't like talking in my videos because I feel like they take forever and some girls just keep yapping.  But yeah, I did this look for a friend.  It's my everyday eye look.  The lighting washes it out but then I ALWAYS get compliments LOL.  i must be doing something right? 

the eye look is different for everyone because everyone has different eyeshapes.  i have to bring my shadows up higher because my brows are further from my eyes.  hope you enjoy!