Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Ikea Hack DIY Farmhouse Table

You ever want something but didn't want to build it entirely from scratch or spend a fortune on it?  I feel that's where Ikea comes in.  I've always wanted a farmhouse table, and when you have kids you know how it is to have chairs laid out all over the place.  Well that goes with anything when you have kids :P 

Anyways after searching online and visiting so many furniture stores, I ended up deciding on the this table from Ikea.  We found the benches on clearance, so it was almost like it was meant to be!  

Here is the sad plain before table.  I wasn't feeling well so it took me a while before I actually got around to doing something with this table.  My husband pushed me to work on it and I'm glad he did.  I was scared of messing the table up at first but just thought to myself, "what's the worse it could get?" 

At first I used a 220 sand disc and it barely scratched the surface of the wax on the table.  I moved on to a 100 grit, then 30.  I needed to be able to feel some rawness on the wood before I even attempted to stain it.  I primed, stained, then sealed it.  I did mess up a few times so I had to re-sand it and do it all over again..but honestly it made the look even better!  Gave it a bit of distress.

I painted the legs white with BEHR's Ultra prime and paint.  I did the same process with the wood benches we got from Ikea. 

Here's my décor so far for the summer.  All of it is from Michael's except the two silver pot holders on the sides.

I hope this helped you if you came here looking to ideas with your table.  

Benches are from Ikea but are no longer being sold.
Wood Primer:
Gray Stain:
Wood Sealer:

Electric Sander:
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