Saturday, March 21, 2009

Surprise from Amysunshine! + Face Shop Primer/Base Green

I received this in the mail today from my dear sweet sweet friend Amy! She told me that she was going to hook me up with one of these but I didn't have the time to think so, or remember. But, my husband checked the mail today and here it is! It's also PINK! I lovveeee pink. I gave this a test run and I love it so much more than my T9 Remington Studio one that has been frying my hair. It heats up to 400 degrees and I also gave it a test run to curl my hair and it does a beautiful job! I can finally say goodbye to my stinkin cheapo remington one. Thank you so much Amy! You really do shine like the sun :)

I ordered this off of eBay because I have no other source of getting my hands on this unless I order it online. I wish I did have access to it though! Maybe i'll contact my sisters in california to find a shop for me. The eBay shop gave me a sample of their grape seed oil body shower gel along with the -green makeup base.
The packaging is plastic, it does not come in a metal tube even though it looks like it. It is 1.4oz, i'm assuming it will last a while since i will most likely just use this on my shiny areas.

It is not thick, not like my monistat primer. It it's slightly creamy but that only means you won't have to put so much on.
I wore this out today under my fondation and did not have to blot anywhere on my face except for the sides of my nose, but I ALWAYS have to because my skin is stubborn like that. My foundation stayed put, seriously!

If you can spot the pale white cast on my hand in the picture, that is where the base is.
When applying this, you will notice that the green will make you look a bit ghostly, but that is only because it is "concealing" or working on hiding the blemishes. It's also good because you can tell where you have spread the primer because of the color verses it being clear. I sometimes can put a little too much primer on, causing my skin to breakout.

Description: Oil-free, non-sticky makeup base helps skin banish unwanted shine for fresh makeup. Green neutralizes redness and evens out skin tone.

PROS: you do not need to use a lot!
prolongs foundation wear (i live in florida where it's HOT!)
helps with redness
CONS: no source near here for me :( i had to wait 15 days to get this!
the ingredients

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