Monday, April 27, 2009

Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream 8% by Walgreen's

Walgreens Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream is a Fragrance Free Skin Treatment and exfoliator to help gently restore a fresh, healthy and more youthful appearance.
You can read the review about this product here:
Alpha Hydroxy Acid, a natural, non-toxic derivative of sugar cane, removes dead skin cells, assists skin tone and skin texture
Slight and temporary tingling or stinging may result.
Contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid - Glycolic Acid: 8% of Pure 70% Solution.

This is not my official review, but I wanted to blog about me using this.
I have been using this for a few days so far at night and on days that I do not wear makeup. I apply moisturizer with sunscreen on top if I do wear this during the daytime, since this does make your skin more sensitive to the sun.
..and the best part about this? So far I have noticed a slight fade in my scars! It's only been a few days I know but i'm excited. I do experience slight tingling/stinging when applying this but it just lets me know it's doing it's job.
If anything else happens..I will update!


Ashley n Rich said...

Oh i should try this. I have some scars i want to get rid of too and its frustrating when i can't find the right skin care products. Anywho, the korean artist is Tae Yang. ah i know..cheesy but he's darling. if you dont know him look him up on youtube.

Ahleessa said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, as well as, commenting! How exciting to expect a baby... hehe~ I sometimes wonder if I'll ever go through that experience. :X

Thanks for the hint on the Konad! I've been trying everything people tell me and I have to admit I gotten better. Better but not great... hehe~ I think it'll take practice or at least I hope! :)

Pop Champagne said...

ohh really, a slight fade in scars.. I gotta try this out! Thanks for the post :)