Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things to come and Random Thoughts

i think i'm such a doofus sometimes. i never knew that when painting your nails you should apply a base coat, polish, then top coat. LOL. oh well everyone learns, just like eyeshadow primer. i don't use primer unless i know i'll be out somewhere for a long time.
i ordered a bunch of stuff from E.L.F.'s website because i couldn't stand it. i mostly bought things from their "studio" line so i'm excited to try it out since i've been reading so many great reviews on them. it will be here tomorrow i believe.
i have to make a run to sally's to grab my nail polishes and decals. surprisingly my nails have not chipped that badly since i've applied the no chip 10 day nail color from sally hansen's. or it could be that my nails are short ^_^ but i do clean the dishes a lot.
i can't wait for keenan's things to get here. his matress gets here tomorrow (we're slow i know!) and we're gonna get him the bed set also. i mine as well spend money on him since he's going to be our only baby. he's going to be my best friend esp. when walley has to leave somewhere for a while. we still have to buy his carseat and bath things. with keenan around we'll finally have things to do. my life isn't the most exciting for those of you who don't know. i spend most of my days inside our apartment and walley does too, except for when he goes to work. but with the baby around we'll be up and active.
lastly, i finished reading the first book of the twilight series. i must say my favorite part was when edward spent the night with bella and sung her to sleep. she wakes up the next morning to find him still there and she runs into his arms, and she tells him she loves him!! i'm like aww wowweee. there's just something about when you get to sleep (not do anything dirty) with the one you cherish and finding them next to you in the morning. i know how that feels and its such a great feeling. ..and now onto new moon. when the movie comes out i will have to watch it with eliz and have nee watch baby for me. lol or we'll just watch it at home.

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha I AM A WALKING PIECE OF ASSS...I MEAN ART..*ahem*...LOL...

im glad you like the look babe
the drag contest was funnn

this post made me laugh because
I always thought of the same thing
when it comes to nails..hahahah

I agree with yah