Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lately and a little experiment

My whatever look. I just threw some makeup on and didn't care much about the eyeshadow. I'm also wearing my bling bling bow tie ring! :)

I'm trying my best to keep it together..being a swollen pregnant lady and all. I am starting to not care as much because I am soon going to be on bed rest! haha..well by that I really mean I'm starting to hate going out to places because: 1. i can't stand it whenever someone is in the same aisle as me or is standing close to me. 2. i am always getting this feeling that people are evil and they will ram their shopping carts into my belly and hurt my little keenan! 3. i am constantly having to pee.
He's growing and his movements hurt like ****. I squeal with every move he makes, and let me tell you he is a very active baby. If anything, when he comes out, I hope he puts all that extra energy into books and sports.
I am very blessed to have a caring husband who is supporting me in every way that he can. We bought the carseat today and he really wanted the Disney one lol. It's pooh bear and so far Keenan has everything Pooh bear! ..oh yeah we also got him a matching pooh bear mobile hehe :P I went into A.C. Moore crafts which is like right up the road from where I live today and grabbed a few things. I love sterling silver and they're having a 2 for $5. I was like yes! (i didn't plan on spending a lot). Then I grabbed some swarovski hearts, smaller ones because I want to do a few things with them. I made the necklace and it took me probably 30 minutes trying to make my connecting rings snap shut together.

I titled it "our hearts" because I told my husband that our hearts are together always.


Audrie said...

oooh great job!!! Don't you just love how the crystals sparkle?

Beauty Addict said...

I'm the same! I just mainly use my Mac single es! I'm still want to buy the NYX, but I won't=/ Hehe. I'll survive=D

CHOMSIRI said...

thanks for following leslie! ill be following you too :) ooo the hearts are pretty!

Jaimie said...

i think we have the same camera. kodak? and i would, i just bought some other ones. the angel series circle lenses from somewhere lol

DSK said...

awww that is so cute how you made the hearts <3 <3 how did u put that sparkling touch on them! so cute!!