Friday, June 26, 2009

Bored? Check these out!

You might have seen these already, but they always give me a good laugh!

One of the main reasons why I will probably never live in Minnesota ever again! LOL

My all time favorite youtube video! *LOL*


Chomsiri said...

lol the recital breakdown was hilarious!

Pop Champagne said...

omg the first video is what we have to do here in ottawa for 5 months of the year. ugh we get rediculous amount of snow here it's disgusting, plus minus 20C (around 13 F?) I totally feel for that dude I think I'd start crying if I was in his situation lol

Make Song Up. said...

Hahahhaa. I love them!! Haha. I fav is probably the 2nd one! Haha. OMG to the 1st one. I would fricken cry if that was me! I hate MN winters! Haha.

No baby yet?

DSK said...

I'm wayyyy to lazy to style my hair lol I can't even manage my bob LOL

But I envy the girls who can pull the hair cut off, most definitely!