Monday, June 1, 2009

Update: Walgreen's Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream

I posted a pre-review on this earlier about a month ago or so and here are the results so far.
I have definitely noticed lightening in my scars. It's not dramatic but it is noticeable! My acne scars were very dark and pigmented, but after being faithful to this cream, it's showing better result.
This does not leave my face shiny or an oil slick, my skin just absorbs it all right in. If you plan on wearing this under your makeup, you should wear moisturizer with SPF or some sort of sunblock protection, since alpha hydrox is known to make skin more sensitive to the sun.
Another thing I have noticed is that the fine lines on my forehead have reduced and smoothed out. For $6 this will definitely last a long time and it works for me!
How do I use this?
Well I want the full effect on this so after cleansing my face, I make sure to exfoliate with my St.Ive's apricot scrub, tone, then massage this cream onto my face with both hands. I also apply this onto my neck and I have definitely noticed the lines on my neck smooth out.
What are the cons to this?
You might feel tingling or stinging but it says it on the label that it's going to happen. (i personally don't mind it)
The smell - it smells a bit like vinegar
Another cool thing about this?
I've read reviews where women say they put this on their feet and areas where they feel needs exfoliation or smoothness. I have not tried it anywhere else but on my face and neck, and i've seen some improvement on my neck.


abby said...

the only drawback i think when using this product is that you cannot bathe in the sun. it makes your skin prone to darkening...

chunkee munkee said...

yea, i did keep taking prenatal pills, even after i stopped breastfeeding! i had really bad acne problems too LOL

miss wiggle said...

Hmm, this sounds interesting! I'll definitely give this a go since it's inexpensive and readily available ~ yay~

Anonymous said...

I think I read your pre-review earlier and I was on a hunt for this cream! For some reason, I can't seem to find it at wallgreens :( I guess they only have it in some stores

Chomsiri said...

thanks for the review!

Audrie said...

thank you for this review! I'm going to hunt this down to lighten scars on my body!

ekimura said...

Hi Hun~ getting nervous of your due date?? XD
I wanted to get cintiq but instead we decided to get a dslr Nikon D90 so I can start taking my own photos of clients.
so Im gonna wait for maybe a while >_<
I bet it made CGing more easier then looking up in a screen? :)
you can get more detailed alot easier ! I want one now XP LOL

Dana Yoshimizu said...

This sounds like something I'd like to try, I have acne scars >_< and it'd be nice to have them fade out a bit

Kaz said...

hi, girl! i tagged you! your latest entry won't let me comment again haha.