Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Year Ago..

..i would have never guessed!
(this photo was taken in my studio when i had it with my beautiful guitar that i sold)
my life is changing, and will always keep changing. the most ironic thing about this all is, my husband and i tried to get me pregnant last year around this time but it didn't work, so we just thought that it wouldn't happen. shortly after he left to africa, i found out maybe a week later that i was pregnant. both of my sisters have a hard time conceiving, so i figured i might fit into that factor as well but boy was i wrong. ..but hey i'm the black sheep in the family anyways :P
what gave me a hint of thinking i was pregnant in the first place? i was eating pho that was pretty good and all of a sudden i had the urge to puke it all out. sad i know.
i mean i'm sitting there on the toilet with the pregnancy stick in my hand and one bold stripe comes up and another stripe comes up that is half fainted. my eyes open up huge and i'm like WHAT THE?? for those of you who haven't had the pregnancy scare or test, 2 stripes equals pregnant lol. i call my sister in law and she tells me to get a digital one, so i run to wal-mart and get a pack of 2 in case. ..and before you know it, it's confirmed and i snap a picture of it and send it to the hubs. he definitely was shocked, he actually didn't believe i was pregnant until we were at the clinic and the nurse confirmed it. haha..he's silly i know (that gaytard!)
i just wanted to blog about this. i can't sleep and i need to find things to get my mind off of this baby! he doesn't seem to want to come out, but..i will let nature take it's course until the 30th which is my induction date.
oh yes, i just wanted to thank all the lovely ladies who always leave me sweet comments!


donnarence said...

so sexyy.. and lovely.. wow.. :D

Dana Yoshimizu said...

oh, you're so beautiful! Just as gorgeous as you look pregnant except without the baby belly :) You look amazing, did you used to model?

AbcGrrrL said...

You're beautiful :)

When are your delivery date? I hope he comes out to see his wonderful parents soon!

Chomsiri said...

that is a really nice picture! the guitar is very pretty!

cant wait to meet your new addition to the family!

I Am Me said...

oist!!! so sexy ha!!!nice shot!!!! =)

M.'s Ramblings said...

Lovely shot! =D

I know, I thought for a while that Tom and I wouldn't get pregnant either, and when we found out - it made it all the more precious for us.
Hang in there mama!
Cant wait to see pics of this baby!!

Anonymous said...

Wow the picture of you is gorgeous! Look at your flat tummy a year ago. I'm sure you'll work it all off afterward (one of your goals you've mentioned)Anyway, I hope everything goes well!! :)

sokpoprocks said...

what a beautiful picture! and LMAO at the word gaytard. my lil brother says things like that all the time, and it just cracks me up!!! i hope that baby of yours decides to come out soon, you must be going crazy!!!

ekimura said...

beautiful photo of you very pretty!! love that guitar very unique~ I hope you get some sleep and stop worrying Im sure its nerve racking waiting for your baby to come, >_<
take care

miss wiggle said...

OH MY GOSH!! SOOOO SEXY LESLIE! hahha~ xD more more! ;P j/k~

A family friend of ours had trouble conceiving, so they decided to adopt - strangest thing that the kid looks exactly like the parents! he he.

But there's always an extra specialness in going through the entire process of carrying a child into the world. (Well...minus the pain...)

InnovativeEssence said...

you look gorgeous... love the guitar too... what is it? Let us know when yure baby arrives! We wanna see how cute he is... haha


xoladiihoneyxo said...

you're beautiful!

I hope everything goes well with the baby =]

xoladiihoneyxo said...

you received blog awards from me. it's on my page. please accept them =]

Christy said...

you look beautiful in your picture :)

hehe, it's funny how life changes when we least expect it ^_^

Anonymous said...

Wow gotta love that PHO! haha

becky said...

that is a hot photo. i really like your "how i found out i was pregnant story" and get some sleep girl :)

KRYSTAL said...

wow sexyy!! love that photo!

Sugar said...

Thanks for your sweet comments in my blog! you look so pretty in that pic ;)

Eleganteve said...

This is one sexxaay picture. =)

Lulu said...

you look so sexy and beautiful!~

haha he needs to come out soon, so much anticipation!!! :)

I'm glad you liked the lava cake, and @_@ good enough to draw your husband from gaming!!! I should try that on mine...hahaha...I've never made any for him yet because he was out of town working last summer, I've only let my friends try when they came over...haha time to dig out my nutella bottle from my pantry!

Shen said...

oohhh! that is one hot shot. the guitar just popped. and you look... sizzlin'!