Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Colorvue Glamour Lens in Aqua

I just snapped this picture so there's some hair in my face :P
I also ordered some new Model 21 lashes off of eBay and I can't wait to try them out!
I don't think they'll be as dramatic as these though.
I am wearing: Urban Decays half baked and roach eyeshadow.
Milani Luminous blush.
and on my lips I ate some cherries! lol
but my lips are naturally really pigmented which i hate because i wish they were pale.

the little booger. he hates getting baths and cries his heart out. he's already tugging and pulling on things (pulling on the blanket in the pic) so i've decided to stop wearing necklaces until he understands no. i'm also scared he's gonna pull my hair too! but we will see. he's growing up so fast :(


Whit said...

ahh he is sooo adorable!!!!!
you look gorgeous hun!

Amanda said...

You are so pretty! What lashes are you using?

SweetShuGa said...

ohh love that color..
aww your baby is so cute..
yea my baby is like that now he grabs or pull everything he sees..
especially my hair..so i tie my hair up now when i carry him..

Edna said...

WHOA! I love your eye of the day! Too bad I dont have roach :(

Your babyboy is growing up so fasttttt

Nani said...

wow I love the colors!!!! so pretty! aw your little one is so CUTE~~ he hates baths? I wonder why? mines fav time of day is bath time!

M.'s Ramblings said...

good tip! thanx!
I love how you apply the eyeshadow - I need on tip on that! lol

Aww and thanx for the onesies..........I wanna hit some makeup counters this Sat. to pick up a few things for you! Time to spoil Momma for all those sleepless nights, right? :D

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Why do you wish your lips were pale? O_O I think pigmented lips are better. You don't have to worry about them looking all pasty if you forget your lipstick!! :)

& if he starts pulling hair (which I hope he doesn't) you'll have to start sporting more poney tails & buns.
The pictures you post of your little one just makes my heart melt. He's just so adorable

pangie said...

omg! you know tina & gary? lmao that's too funny! you're the 2nd person i've met in the blogging world that knows someone in my family.

your baby is too cute. hope your enjoying motherhood. :P

bunee said...

oh my goodness, your baby makes my heart melt ! little booger suits him perfectly ! aww .

Tiffany said...

your baby looks soooooo cute! I can't believe he's already pulling on things! he's getting so big!

hope everything is going well! :)

MEii said...

i love the look, making me want to try to look one day. lol

and yes baby to grow very fast especially boys. my little cousin who is now two months old, he got way bigger than when he was in his one month party and i think now he's like the size of my other baby girl cousin who is like about 7months old. lol

PiggyViv said...

ur little boy is just so cute!!!
Love the lens and the lashes!

Anonymous said...

Your son is soooooo precious! I'm a new follower :) - Just wanted to say hello!

mercurylady said...

Your son is soooo cute! And yes, Paul's sister is getting married on Sunday!