Friday, August 14, 2009

FOTD and ranting!

Doing my makeup before getting my haircut. I'm wanting to get it thinned out and shorter layers at the top so I can tease it better. The last time the lady cut it, she didn't take her time so it was just an "all right" cut.
face: Everyday Minerals intensive formula
milani luminous blush
Mac mineralize skinfinish in medium/shimmer
Jane bronzer for warm complexions
eyes: ELF custom eyes in sage and golden
Mac shoreleave for highlight
Starmakeuphaven's smoke and mirrors
Starmakeuphaven's creme de nude
Wet n' Wild mega liner
model 21 lashes
lips: NYX narcisuss
Mac Lipglass in Viva la Glam (thanks for Mary!)

For some stupid reason My left eye is red/pink. No, it is not pink eye because it doesn't itch or anything. They say it's probably due to tiredness.

ranting: for mamas, did you feel as if your relationship changed with your husband after baby came out? i certainly am starting to..i miss us i really do, but i can't help but to feel so annoyed almost everything he does..well maybe mostly when he plays his xbox. but then there's times when he doesn't know where "anything" is and it's pretty much been in the same place for as long as i can remember. i love him and appreciate all the help he does, but i can't help to feel so annoyed! i don't like or want to tell him what to do around the house, but sometimes i have to. UGH. oh yeah and most of the time i feel like i can try to start a conversation and it goes NOWHERE. maybe just to the wall and back.
i went to the ob clinic today and we talked about getting the paraguard. in 2 weeks i'll have it inserted and the funny thing is, as we were walking out of the office, doc pats me on the back and says, "be sure to use condoms in the meantime" and i say to him, "puah don't worry, NOTHING is going to happen in the meantime." LOL i'm traumatized from getting pregnant and the c-section, the last thing i want to do is have sex.

but this lil man makes me happy even though he is a handful. this morning he was up at 7am just talking to himself and looking around. i knocked out and woke up again and he was still awake! he was a good boy and did not cry, i was amazed lol.


Marie. said...

My boyfriend's leaving for the USAF in six weeks and all he does is play his damn game. Normally I wouldnt mind, but you're leaving and the most of your worries is your game?! I mean, I understand but at the same time its like... uhhh... okay? You know? And I hate how forgetful they are! OMG! It drives me nuts!

I'm so scared of have kids! I've heard so many horror stories lately!

ANGiEBABYY. ♥ said...

My boyfriend was/is like that toooo! Ugh. I get so annoyed and I have to tell him what to do and where things are tooo. I guess after having a baby after a whole year, I got used to my boyfriend not knowing anything and not having a helping hand. Good luck, girl!

MrsJoshua said...

omg, i totally feel you. my husband doesn't play games but he spends a lot of his time on his laptop doing his car stuff that he says he does. He purposely forgets things so that i do it. And my patience for him is not as long as it used to be. Reasons why my stress level has gone up. i still have a head ach from earlier when we mistakenly exchange words.

i do hope he spends more time with you and baby.

aww baby keenan is such a good baby. my daughter right now would sometimes wait for me to wake up, wake me up or go find something to put in her mouth before i wake up. lol just wait til he get around this age... you'll be running all over the place.

oh thanks for reminding me. lol i'm suppose to go get some BC pills. My midwives is mad that i am not using any protection. -_-

Nani said...

I can completely relate with you and your hubby. Man in the begining my husband annoyed the crap out of me and I felt like I had to do everything by myself. Him and his stupid computer games... when i went back to work I think he kind of appreciated me more because now he was home with the baby.. no he still plays but not as often and he's alot more involved with the baby.

I also understand the part about sex.. i am so uninterested most of the time I don't know why. I think it may change over time but ehhh i think it's because i am like ONLY ONE BABY -0- i am so scared of getting pregnant again. I love my little girl but one is more than enough for right now.. see me again in two years.

BECKY (Embrace Your Imperfections) said... look so pretty here. i like what you did to your eyeshadows :)

Anonymous said...

Girl what you're feeling is straight up NORMAL. I think every mother out there goes through this. After the birth of my daughter - they day we brought her home we got in a huge fight over NOTHING. I was always annoyed with him no matter how much he did and the smallest thing would just trigger me to be so annoyed i didn't even want to talk to him.

Believe it. This is just because your hormones are all whacked since you just had a baby. It's a HUGE change to your body again so this is normal - within time it fades and your patience comes back right before your little one starts to annoy you. LOL!

So don't feel bad because this isn't really "you" so to say. It's your hormones :)

Becks said...

Have you ever seen the movie - "Knocked Up"? Well, there's that scene in it where the guy character - Ben goes, "I hate you Hormones, not you Alison, I fucking hate you Hormones!!" hehe After reading everyone's comments, I thought of that but I really hope everything turns out just fine, in the movie it did too :D

M.'s Ramblings said...

LOL - I have felt annoyed w/ my husband......probably since I was pregnant. I don't know why, I feel like he just ought to know stuff, or just be proactive. I think that he's just so used to me taking care of certain things (like laundry, food prep, cleaning, bills, etc). I didn't mind doing those things, in fact, I preferred it when I did those chores. But you pile all of the baby stuff on that, and it's just like "Wait a minute, do I have 2 babies here?! One of you is a grown man, so please think for yourself and get off your ass please!"

When he would cook or clean, it just wasn't up to par to what I would like. And forget about laundry! *sigh.

And yes, he plays way too much WOW for my liking, and I feel like all the time he spends on that Godforsaken game should go to cleaning up after himself and helping me.

I just started bc pills again, and they are messin' me up. Have an appointment w/ my doc on base on Monday, I think I need to switch to a different dose to get my body on the right track again. I know he's not here, but my OB midwife told me it takes 2 months for the bc to be really effective - so I'm not messing around or taking any chances!

miss wiggle said...

Hi Leslie! How have you been? I'm sorry about your clueless hubby! LOL... men are kind of slow sometimes. Maybe he just needs time to adjust to his new responsibilities? I mean, he can't game until his 50! Or I hope not. Does he feel jealous that you're paying more attention to the baby? One day, men should give birth hahahaha~ that'd be a good wake-up call, right?

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