Friday, October 2, 2009

HARD CANDY SWATCHES! + Colorvue Glamour Green Lenses

Hard Candy at Wal-Mart! Prices range from $5-$9. They've got a ton of stuff there that I have yet to try. I called and asked when they would have it and the stupid guy told me in the middle of the month, but I went there yesterday and to my surprise, it was there already! I was like OMG! I stood there forever trying to think of what I want. So I came up with these 4 so far. They have so much stuff, and FYI this replaced Max Factors spot.

Eyeshadow Duo $6
The eyeshadow was really pretty BUT it broke on me. Talk about you get what you pay for. The packaging for everything is soo cute, but I was mad that this broke into pieces after taking this picture. They've got other sets of eyeshadows too.
The pigmentation is great, I can probably say its the same consistency as Mac's mineralize quad I got.
Blush $7
This is a pink pink with a silver undertone. Talk about glow! Very pigmented, you don't need much to get color on your skin.
Yummmm :P They've got 3 other colors that I want to get.
Their tinted lip balm $5.
I love! It is sheer but I might just have to say a little bit more than that. It goes on buttery smooth and gives my lips a bit of a nude pink look. There is no smell or taste. I bought this one in "Jenny".

Their mascara was $6 I think. This one, I do not like. The brush looked wonderful but it barely did anything to my lashes. Sorta reminded me of what great lash does to my lashes..nothing! hahaha
Colorvue Glamour in Green. LOVE IT!
I am wearing Living Doll on my cheeks and Jenny on my lips. haha..jenny on my lips how funny :P
Overall, these products are definitely worth a try. i know a number of people who refuse to shop at wal-mart but i don't care. i definitely save more money shopping there. i never attempted to buy any Jemma Kidd or Pixi products from target..and I really don't know how well they're doing either. they're products are more expensive than Mac. I just wanted to get that off my mind.
anyways enjoy!


adin_22 said...

Thanks for posting about this...i would definitely get those blushes...

Marie. said...

I was curious about the new Hard Candy line, everything looks adorable! I semi refuse to shop at Wal Mart but they're the only place that sells my favorite TV Dinner and for $.88 too! So I'm screwed lol.

Babybubblz said...

wow I haven't looked at Hard Candy in a while, but I'm liking that eyeshadow. And if it's the same as mac i'm definitely checking it out!

Angela said...

seems good
i would definitely check out this new line

donnarence said...

the blush is soo beautiful on you..

Meeow said...

I love going to walmart, especially it fits my schedule, 24 hours =)

M.'s Ramblings said...

Ain't nothin' wrong with a good deal, I say.

I can't say that I refuse to shop at Wal-Mart, I just try not to..........I feel like I have to walk for miles past aisles of tempting product before I can get to my destination of buying something.

I love Target, but I agree, they have these lines by supposed industry experts/makeup artists, but why the hell would I spend that kinda dough for a line at Target, when I can spend it at Sephora or at MAC?

xSplendidStar said...

Ohhh sounds interesting...never heard of Hard Candy before :D but the blush looks really good on you! And so do the contacts!

Little one looks uber cute! <333

Popcorn said...

woah!! At Walmart!!! That's awesome!!!

May said...

I would need to check out the Hard Candy line at Walmart. Thanks for sharing. I just gave you awards:]

loveashrey said...

That pink blush looks so pretty!

tiff said...

I just bought some Hard Candy stuff too. I got Honeymoon and Pinup blushes and they're really nice. I'm going to buy Living Doll soon. I didn't expect the lip balm to show up that well so I didn't buy any, but that one looks great on you so I might buy a couple of those soon. I am absolutely in love with their lipsticks.

Toothfairynotes said...

you're so beautiful. and your baby boy is super cute! love the blush!