Saturday, April 2, 2011

Product Rave! Suave SPRAY adds Brilliance Vibrant Shine

You can see all the mineral glitters! I shook it to "activate" the glitters. They are very very fine so that you can't see it when it's on your hair.

My point of raving about this is: -it's cheap ..about $2.50 or so -it doesn't weight down your hair -makes your hair look healthy esp. after curling -does add a nice shine to your dull hair (if you do have it)

My hair curled with the product on. After curling, I spray this on and run my fingers through my curls. After i'm satisfied with the look I set it with hair spray.

See the nice shine? My hair color is fading so it's starting to look dull, this product definitely helps me not want to color it right away again.

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