Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life of a Military Stay At Home Mom

These are just the few pictures that I have from my iPhone..there are a lot more trust me.

Keenan, I call him my third leg.  He's glued onto me, most of the time whatever room I stay in, he is in also.  He sleeps in bed with me, eats with me, goes almost everywhere with me.  I don't mind it most of the time, but I do need ME time sometimes. 

This new job the husband has, has been taking it's toll on me.  He's gone for 12 long hours a day and I don't see him until I wake up, and then he's sleeping.  I see him for an hour or two a day if i'm lucky.  It's hard for me mostly, Keenan..he loves Walley but is used to me.  I've been trying to get them to hang out more together because I know it's important. 

A lot of times I feel like i'm a single mom.  I know I don't work but as many SAHM's would agree, it's just as hard or harder being a SAHM.  Watching Nick Jr all day drives me nuts sometimes.  I didn't realize it until I saw that once I turned to my channel when Keenan went to bed, I felt some relief seeing some hot guy on tv..haha.  Hot as in..

Chris Evans from Fantastic Four

..and even the lovely Jessica Alba.  I can only handle so much Dora the Explorer and Blues Clues.  *sigh*

I'm trying to look at the bigger picture so I can keep focus.  I plan on going to school next year for my cosmetology license!  Just gotta save up money to pay for little one's daycare. 


xoladiihoneyxo said...

Aww, he's going to be so attach to you, its going to be hard for him to go to day-care but it will prepare him for school so not a bad idea. Do your research on day-care centers!

miss wiggle said...

Hi Leslie! Long time no comment! Hope you've been well. He's grown so big now!!! Looks a lot like his father. :) I can see how being a stay at home mom can feel a bit restricting at times, but hopefully you find time for you. :D Good luck with cosmetology!

leslielovesmakeup said...

ladies i've missed you guys!! thanks for coming back! hahah i read everyone's posts still.

Dirt On The Rocks said...

Babe you're back and I'm glad. I love your posts and Ill def. Be enjoying commenting and just being able to talk to another mommy Blogger