Saturday, June 25, 2011

oh hubby

Just a random picture I took today while sitting in the car waiting for the hubs to finish up some paperwork at onto some silly stories..

Does your partner ever do weird things in their sleep?  When it comes to sleeping Walley is pretty...unaware of anything else in the real world.  He is a deep sleeper, usually when he's really tired, he will often sleep talk.  ...and like the person I am, I usually always respond. 

One time, he told me to shut the door in hmong, woke up and asked why I shut the door.  I'll say the craziest thing he's done was.. he got up and grabbed his wallet while we were napping, then showed me his fake bruce lee id, put it back in his wallet and put his wallet in the drawer.  ..well he gets up and asks me if I moved his wallet!  crazy I know.  he even said while he was sleep talking, "look at this" while showing me the id.  lol the best part of this was that this was when i first went to visit him when we started dating. 

btw..we've gotten better and have talked about that one issue we were having.

what are some crazy things your partners have done?

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