Friday, April 13, 2012

♦♥♦ Rose Gold Fossil Boyfriend Watch Review ♦♥♦

 It doesn't look as rose gold here but it definitely is!  I wanted to do a review because I know this trend has been around for a while now and some of us are addicted to shopping online..and tend to just order on impulse!

I was pretty close to ordering this online but I decided to stop by Macy's to have a look at the real thing.  I do get intimidated sometimes from the sales people that work the jewelry/sunglass/watch counters.  You ever get that feeling that they don't think you can afford their stuff?  Yeah..that's the feeling.

On to the watch.. I read on a few forums that Fossil makes Michael Kors watches too..they're much more affordable.  I don't feel as if the watch is cheap in any way.  It doesn't feel too heavy and I had this custom fitted.  The crystals feel secure in their place and and I esp love the crystals in the dial area. 

I can't find the name for the model of this one on their website anymore, but i'd suggest just dropping by to take a look if you are interested in purchasing a pricey watch.

My husband actually made me take him back to Macy's where I found the watch so he could buy it.  He doesn't buy my love, but I know he likes to make sure I feel loved.  so if you're reading this babe.. i've loved you even before everything you've given me! ♥

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Nikita2471 said...

I have the same watch! It's called the "Riley". It's true that Fossil designs and makes the Michael Kors watch line,...that's why there is some similarities between the 2. My youngest sister works at Fossil so that's how I know. She said the only difference between the 2 lines is that the MK watches are just slightly bigger. That and the price! I preferred my Fossil watches to the MK ones anyhow! Nothing beats my sister's employee discount!