Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sigma F84 Kabuki Brush Review ♥

The Sigma logo is fading but the brush has not shed on me once at all. 

PROS: affordable (i think so compared to MAC)
VERY good quality, doesn't feel cheap at all
Dense, making your foundation a more full coverage and it doesn't soak up the product
soft - i love how it feels, i love synthetic in general
the angle on the brush makes it perfect for getting into the sides of your nose and under the eyes

CONS: i don't have more!  i want to order more in the future

Would I repurchase?  YES!


DimePieceOnaDime said...

soooo want a Sigma brush set. I just can't stop buying other crap to save up! lol..

maya said...

I really want to try sigma brushes too!