Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Evening out Eyelids without using eyelashes

I'm sure i'm not alone when I say that one of my eyes are hooded while the other one has a crease.  Because of this when I wear eyeliner it looks very uneven and as a perfectionist I tend to like things as symmetrical as I can have it.  For this reason I wore eyelashes for a few years now just to get my other eye to lift. 
I know i'm going to get comments on how I should just let it be, but this is me, and it's just what I like. 
You can most likely find eyelid tape on ebay or on other sites like PinkyParadise.  I have tried the glue before and it doesn't work so well for my eyes. 

Hope everyone has a good start to their new year!

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heyhanee247 said...

I use eyelid tapes too but I find it uncomfortable sometimes. Applying eye make up is a bit of a challenge on uneven eyes.Oh, I like your idea of putting a liner on top of the tape :)Happy new year!