Saturday, June 22, 2013

Review: New Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzer in Matte Medium

New 2013 Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzer in Matte Medium

Maybelline has come out with some new bronzers just in time for summer!  I recently purchased this at my local CVS for $9 but I'm sure you can find it for a cheaper price at other stores.
I purchased Matte Medium because I mostly use bronzers for contouring.  My husband had made a comment about my face looking red and shortly later on that day in the car I did notice my face looking red.  Well it was my bronzer that had red undertones (no good).  So I told him to pull over and let me find something quick.

As you can see this bronzer is not that pigmented, it's not sheer but it's not heavily pigmented.  So girls who are scared to over apply bronzer, this one would work great.  I personally prefer a pigmented bronzer, so I can use a light hand and I get more for my money.

-Can be found at drugstores
-Won't have a hard time over applying
-Matte (shimmer isn't for everyone)
-price is okay, I personally would value this around $5-$6
-size is kind of small for a bronzer

Hope this review helped you if you're thinking about purchasing a new bronzer.  I honestly won't repurchase this unless it is on clearance.  ;)

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