Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kiss, D.U.P., Koji Eye Charm, Ardell Lash Adhesives Review!

Left to Right: D.U.P. Eyelashes Fixer FX in Clear $12.99
Koji Eye Charm Double Eyelid Glue (will explain down below) $10.99
Ardell Brush-On Lash Adhesive $3.99
Bottom: Kiss Clear Strip Lash Adhesive $5.99
If you LOVE faux eyelashes like I do and wear them often or all the time, eyelash glue is an important product!  Before I become more educated about how to keep eyelashes on all day, I used to wear Duo or Ardell's dark lash adhesive.  Those are the latex ones, while those did work and hold up, my lashes would still "lift" at the corner or my eyes and I would end up ripping them off after a few hours..or worry about them lifting so i'd have to carry back up.

WELL..I don't have to worry much ever anymore.  My absolute favorite eyelash glue is ...drumroll please... KISS CLEAR STRIP LASH ADHESIVE!! 

♥Kiss is available STATESIDE, which means I don't have to order it online to find it and have to pay for shipping.  It is affordable and I can see this lasting me a while.  I will most likely stock up on these since I've heard they are hard to find, I found mine at a local Walgreen's :) 
♥Kiss is easier to clean off of eyelashes, not as easy as Koji Eye Charm, but still doable.  I soak my used eyelashes in eye makeup remover, then peel off the glue to reuse.  This is a little tough to get off but it doesn't do too much damage to the eyelashes if I am careful while cleaning them.

♥Kiss does not have the stinky smell that Duo/Ardell does.  It's also latex free for anyone who is allergic.  The smell almost reminds me of Elmer's glue, it doesn't bother me nor does it linger on. 

♥Staying power is amazing with this, I have ZERO lifting, it stays on all day even through the wind (yes those nasty cold windy days).  It dries fast and doesn't cause too much of a mess.

Here is what the applicator looks like for the Kiss Lash Adhesive.  It makes it easy for you to apply a light amount (if that's what you prefer).

This is D.U.P.'s eyelash adhesive applicator. 

D.U.P.'s eyelashes fixer fx is supposed to be the best one in Japan next to Dolly Wink's.  I find this comparable to Kiss's but, this glue is ridiculously hard to get off of my used lashes.  I tried soaking them in really hot soapy water, makeup remover, and even almond oil and the glue wouldn't come off the lashes..causing me to toss a lot of them away. 

The glue does not have a weird fishy odor and the bottle applicator applies glue onto the lashes well.  I honestly had high hopes for this but didn't like that I had to throw out my lashes after each use. 

Koji Eye Charm Double Eyelid Glue

Yes..eyelid glue.  I ordered it once out of curiosity but tried it as an eyelash adhesive and it works really well.  It's also not hard to remove, and to be honest I would use this over D.U.P.'s.  It stays tacky (which means it will hold up well) and is easy to remove when cleaning.  I'm just running out of this one so if I didn't have Kiss's lash adhesive, I would purchase another bottle of this.
Ardell's Brush-On Lash adhesive (there's no picture of the applicator because you can see it in the tube already).  My favorite thing about this glue is that it dries really fast.  Almost like a brush on then go.  You have to be careful with this one though, if you get it in your eye it will sting like a bee!  I used to use this all the time until I found that it just wasn't holding up as well anymore.  I like using this glue for the individual lashes because it dries fast. 

My thoughts about the Duo and Ardell latex lash adhesives, both are similar.  I know people say Duo is much stronger but I feel as if they work the same for me.  I always get lifting with both, unless i'm wearing individual lashes with these.  I also don't like that it takes a while for the glue to get tacky, and let's not forget the fishy odor.  I hope they both take a look at Kiss's glue product and realize there needs to be a change!  After trying different kinds of glue, I prefer these brush on types that have a very strong sticky glue. 

Not all eye shapes are the same so glues work differently for each eye shape. 

I hope this post helps for anyone looking for a new eyelash adhesive to try! 

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