Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Maybelline Mineral Power Blush

I tried maybelline's mineral power concealer and I like it. It covers up my redness
and dark circles, most of it anyways :P
Anywho, I bought the blush in True Peach since I was on the hunt for a peach
blush anyways so I grabbed this. My take on these: they are true to their color and they
are beautiful!

Here's what inside looks like. lol i guess?

No Flash
Flash, my flash is pretty bright for my dslr.

Workout is a bitch! But I have to tone up before the Holidays come around.
Can't wait, Florida is already starting to chill down a bit and i'm so happy.
I can finally go to the beach and not sweat!

Here's me before taking a stroll out to the park with the hubsters.
For once he simply said, "let's hang out". ..and by hanging out, we were only
at the park for like 30 minutes before he got tired. He's not much of an
outgoing person but I think he's trying. The retarded babydoll makes me
look pregnant but I assure you that I am not!

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Beauty Addict said...

I use Neutrogena Acne Daily Scrub. It helped clear up my acne and it also prevent break outs too! I've recommended it to other people and it worked for all of them! You should definitely try it. I only wash my face at night too. Washing it two times a day is too rough for my face. I have really sensitive and dry skin. Tina (my sis in law) said that she read it in a magazine that you should only wash it once at night. I tried it, and it really worked for me.