Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ranting, blogging...

so it's 6:43am as of right now and the sun is starting to rise. last night, all i could think about was what i am going to eat for lunch..and that is pad thai! i think i make some pretty good pad thai especially now that i have learned how to cook it the correct way. instructions are very important when it comes to cooking! (hahahah...laugh with me please..)

i probably will not be blogging as much or if i do, it won't be anything radical. i do my usual reviews on makeupalley but it's become so addicting i need to stop. i've found most of my Holy Grail products, i will list those in a bit. it's time i retire until i find something i really love.

i've decided to go through with a total money makeover, and it's a book written by dave ramsey. he's an awesome author who speaks with authority when you read his book(s). sorta changed my look on life really. all of these necessities are not important unless i have the money to spend, but as for now the hubsters and i do not.

credit cards, everyone has been taught that they are not bad and they will prosper you. but why not pay cash? that's how the rich get rich, because they do not borrow money.

i love t.i.'s video (whatever you like). ..if you note, he drops cash down for everything, cause he can! it makes me think of the way life would be if we weren't in so much debt. but we're going to be okay because planning together as a couple and working hard for things we deserve is the right way to go about it.

i will: probably most likely look for a job in january after we get our taxes. prepare for hard work but i know it's worth it in the end!

main goal: pay off debt and get movin' with life! be happy and praise God.

okay anyways, as i said, i will list my holy grail products =)

Olay sensitive skin foaming wash
Merlot grapeseed moisturizer
Queen Helene Honey & Oats Scrub
Monistate Chafing Powder as a primer
Everyday Minerals intensive foundations
Mac's blush in Peachykeen
Mac's eyeshadow in Carbon
Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara/Lash Maxxx
NYX lipglosses/lipsticks most of them
Wet n Wild Sand Castle Palette
Clinique's Bronzer

Those are most of it that is a must have in my book.

I will always check up on the bloggers though! and comment like always. later homies! :P

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