Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Update on the Skincare products from Before

Boots Expert toner and serum: stopped using both of them. toner? i couldn't tell if that was causing me my cystic pimples or not but so far things are cooling down with me not using anything. serum? too greasy i guess. maybe when my skin is really dry i'll use it, but for now it's going to sit.

Olay combo/oily Complete moisturizer with spf: left me shiny which is the thing i hate most and it takes forever to absorb.

Neutrogena fresh moisture: broke me out horribly! kiss my butt neutrogena, i'll probably never use anymore of your horrible products. ..okay well for skin they are.

Using now:

Olay sensive skin foaming wash
Merlots grapeseed moisturizer
Monistat chafing gel/powder

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