Saturday, September 20, 2008

Webcam and Clinique True Pressed Bronzer

So nee's got a different headset now for his xbox 360 and it's awesome does not bother me or him. The tv volume plays in his headphone and not from the tv, leaving me in peace with quiet and my music, not shooting guns everywhere.

He's so silly I love him. He can be a pain too, but still I can't go on a day without kissing him or telling him I love him.

My sweater dress. Yes, it's too long to be just a sweater and it doesn't really look right with leggings, I can try it but I need knee high boots BUT it's hot in florida. Eh, I still love it though.

I bought this today at the base exchange because I said I would go back for it! It makes me feel like I live in hawaii when I put this stuff on and it does give me a natural healthy tan. I can exaggerate on this but I've got medium skin so it's all good. I love how it's really pigmented, but Wet n' Wild's bronzer is good too. I have this in sunswept and it's got shimmer in it but I honestly can't really see much of it when I'm applying this on my face. It's pretty and i'm happy with it!
The amazing thing here is...I tried their dramtical different moisturizing gel, and i'm sorta liking it a lot. I just bought the grapeseed moisturizer so next month i'll get a hold on the DDMG. I like the grapeseed moisturizer too, I just feel like DDMG dries into a quick finish and makes me feel like I don't have anything on my skin either. eh, either one will do though.

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Vanessa said...

cute sweater dress!