Tuesday, December 23, 2008

skincare skincare skincare!

I am just blogging because I am tired of searching for the right this and right that. Everyone has a different skin type! I've been on MUA all day just searching and searching for the right moisturizer. Who really knows what will work? It's different for everyone. Just frustrated right now. UGH!
A product that deserves a bad rating is one that has false advertisement. I personally know that I have hormonal breakouts. Most of the time it is not because of a product unless I get an obvious amount of pimples the next day. But most of the time it's from the inside of my body that's causing the breakouts.
Products that simply do not work for me are:
clean and clear-they are either too strong or the ingredients are too cheap. i get overnight pimples using their stuff.
neutrogena-they also cause me to have overnight breakouts. though it feels good on my skin, something in their products irritate my skin.
Products that do work for me are:
Biore pore minimizing lightweight moisturizer-i used it for a while and it caused no irritation or breakouts. no complaints there.
Olay Complete moisturizer for oily/combo skin-don't know why but it just works. i can't really stand the fragrance but it moisturizes!
Merlot grapeseed moisturizer-no irritations, overnight breakouts, and is lightweight.
BUT as you can see, these are products for my skin that work/do not work for me.

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ashrey said...

I cannot wait until you find out the sex of your baby. I literally screamed when i found out i was having a girl. ha ha ha. Landon is starting to kiss my belly, i think he kinda knows now :) i'm excited for you because this is your first bebe!! There's lots of new things to learn.