Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I love presents! but I ordered this for myself. lol.. love me!

Yay! I got Philosphy's Purity cleanser and Buxom Lips in Amber by BE.


I confessed to my husband today that I will never be able to live without this cleanser ever again. I was not joking either. This is the only cleanser that removes all of my makeup in ONE wash. I don't have traces of foundation on my cleanser wipes after testing it and the best part about this is that it has made my oily skin go back to normal. I am not as oily as I usually am. *

But I will say this because for this product, it is either a hit or miss. It either works for you or it doesn't. I've heard some girls say that they get rashes and stuff from this, but eh it works for me!

I LOVE this gloss!

Would I repurchase this again? If I ever run out, I might just have to.

What's my favorite thing about this? The minty feeling that stays on my lips until the gloss wears off.

What do you not like about it? The price. I'd say it's worth $10 most. You don't get a lot of lip in the tube, it's only magnified by the design of the bottle but I know it'll last me a while.

Here's the swatch of it. It goes on sheer though, but it still gives a bit of color and I don't mind it.

I am 13 weeks pregnant and it's getting better by the day. My nausea was really bad but i'm getting to my second trimester soon! We found out I was pregnant after the hubby left to Africa but now he's back and excited with me! We got to see baby move around in my uterus yesterday!

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