Friday, March 27, 2009

Barbie Circle Lens + Food :)

I love green apples, mostly due to the fact that they don't turn brown as fast and because they're sour. :)

I made these because I had leftover chocolate dipping. Mmm

I received my barbie circle lens today in the mail! They make my eyes look bigger!! The pictures don't show how pretty they are in real life. The comfortability of them are pretty good. No problems so far. I can't wait to try out other colors and stuff. I swear I can wear just a tinted moisturizer and mascara with these contacts and i'm good to go.

my favorite look is gold and purple eyeshadow.

nee says: you look so beautiful right now.
me: *warm feeling* hehe


glitteryeyesxx said...

Wow, lol! I think I just drooled a little bit looking at the pics of the food. =)

I like your hair! How do you keep it so long and shiny?

Ji said...

Love your eye make up!<3

✿Ji✿ said...

Haha I think my hair looked quite weird on that pic.

I´m becoming so hungry looking at your chocolate strawberries!<3

Anonymous said...

I can't really see how they look, but i looove how soft and silky your hair looks, plus the eye makeup.

definitely will make you do a makeover of me =)