Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hamburger Cupcakes and Fingernails

Yes, that's a cupcake! I made this because I was so excited from looking at yummy pancakes version of these! NEE is a hamburger fan and I made him smile and giggle making these :) I made some for the girlies for when we meet on Tuesday. Hopefully all things go planned.

I did a sloppy job but they're something to look at. I'm starting to get into doing my scary. Nails are a whole 'nother branch of beauty. I keep my nails short and trimmed because they grow super fast (due to the prenatal pills) and I just can't stand clipping them when they're long.

Before heading out to Elizabeth's new place. The big eyes* lol. I haven't worn my hair split for such a long time!
I'm sOOo in love with her dog Mia. When we got there Mia was pawing at me and she was such a cutie. A good doggy who is in love with her mama. I thought it was so cute when she was growling because she's possesive of eliz*. lol ..makes me want a dog :(

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Beauty Addict said...

The cupcake is sooo cute!!!! Haha.