Friday, March 13, 2009

Beauty Refill + Queen Helene's Avocada & Grapefruit Masque

Pictured: China Glaze nail polish in "rich and famous", Ion developer & permanent creme color, Queen Helene's New Avocado & Grapefruit masque, Park Avenue's color protecting shampoo, L'oreal's Feria conditioner, and Beyond Belief's witch hazel toner.

I shop at Sally's often because I get free membership for being a military spouse. A while back I PROMISED to take care of my hair. I was getting very crabby this week because I got tired of looking at my hair since the jet black color was fading and my ends were getting dry. For some reason I thought that drugstore hair products would do the trick but man o man was I WRONG! We were broke for a bit so today I got a chance to get my beauty refill :)
Park Avenue's Shampoo: I LOVE THIS SHIZZZZ! HAHAHA.. no i'm so serious. It is the only shampoo that I have ever used that has made my hair feel soft after shampooing. I could feel the softness and I didn't even put on my conditioner yet. It didn't take too much of the product to lather up either. It comes in a 10oz bottle for $4.99 at sally's. They say it's comparable to Redken's line of products which I have never tried. I have also read reviewers say that this shampoo alone in itself has made their colors last an extra 4 weeks longer (which is why i bought it).
L'oreal Feria color protecting conditioner: This is my HG of conditioners. I will tell you that much. I use a small amount and leave it on my hair for a minute then rinse out and my hair is silky soft. It's a little pricey for the size but still a better deal than other salon brands.
Beyond Belief's Witch Hazel toner: Either my pregnancy or this stuff has prevented my acne. But this stuff picks up the last traces of makeup on my face and it does not sting or irritate my face. I love it because it's got just a small amount of alcohol in it. This is my second bottle, it's a huge bottle too!

I took a picture of the ingredients since I didn't want to list it (haha..lazy). They don't have the ingredients on the sally site..yet or IDK?

It claims to be a "gel-clay" formula and it sorta looks like the color of smashed avocados. The scent? It's not bothersome, I can smell a bit of grapefruit in there, but no sign of avocado (like i care though..).

Beware of the forehead.
The texture was easy to spread. It is thick, i'd say just a bit thinner than the Mint Julep masque.. This masque stung my face! BUT I notice that most masque's do right after I hop out of the shower, possibly because my pores are opened. I don't care about the stinging, I care about how the product works.
End results? My pores looked clean and the masque itself did not leave redness like what the Mint Julep one does. I really didn't feel any moisture after the masque, BUT I noticed that when I was spreading my Merlot's grapeseed NIGHT cream (which is pretty thick), it glided right onto my skin. Usually i'm standing there just rubbing and rubbing it in, but I really think the masque made my skin smooth.

enjoy! i'm probably going to visit the MAC counter tomorrow!

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