Wednesday, March 11, 2009

gimme cake now!

here's my yummy yellow cake (from the package) with cream filling. i poked a few holes inside the cake and filled it with the frosting using a butter knife and plastic spatula thing.

Don't forget the strawberries. I chose the darker ones because they're sweeter obviously!

After some intense cool whip, I got a little design-ish :P I'm an artist after all aren't i?

all mine. the cake itself is very moist and sweet. the batter smelled so yummy when i was mixing it. i bought the reduced sugar package by pilsbury i think. whatever, MMmmm.
I am going to color my hair back to jet black again this weekend. I also need a refill on my beauty supplies.


blah said...

damn leslie, you get me all sorts of hungry!!! I'm waiting for those tutorials.. ;) i know you got some good skills.


Ji said...

the cake looks so yummie!<3