Monday, March 9, 2009

Late Night SWEETS!

We bought a box of corn chex yesterday from Wal-mart and here is what it is now :)
I didn't put too much powdered sugar because I didn't want it to be extra sugary!
Recipe: (you can alter it to however you'd like)
3 cups of corn chex
3/4 cup of peanut butter
1 teaspoon butter
1/2 cup of semi-sweet chocolates
2 cups of powdered sugar
Pour the corn chex into a big mixing bowl. Melt the pb, butter, and semi-sweets together in microwave. I put mine in for 30 seconds. Afterwards quickly take it out and stir, make sure to scrape the bottom to get everybit of chocolate mixed in. Pour the mix onto the chex cereal and keep mixing all of it together til all the pieces are covered up. After everything is mixed well, keep sprinkling the powdered sugar on the covered cereal until it's evenly distributed.
Afterwards, you can let it sit, or just pop em' in ur mouth! :)
My husband first made this for me, then I got hooked. I am a steak and sweet craving pregnant woman!


Anonymous said...

omg YUMMM I need to go make some myself....

blah said...

I've never had that before! It looks yummy, now i'm craving for some sweeettttts!! Thanks for the recipe, maybe i'll try it out for the boys :)

blah said...

that comment was from me, ashley