Saturday, April 4, 2009

China Glaze stash

I am just starting to get into nail polish as I mentioned before. I went and bought 2 today at sally's and got 1 for free. OOOh yeah.
Left to Right: fast forward top coat (it does dry fast!)
for audrey
rich and famous
For Audrey. I loveeeeee. (i've been eyeing it for a while now) I think i'm more into pastels, I didn't do a frenchy on all fingers because I didn't have the patience too, but once I get a new white nail polish that dries faster I will. For Audrey reminds me of the tiffany & co. color.

I have been obsessed with reading the twilight series. I know I am behind but *eliz gave me Twilight to start, which was quick for me because I had already seen the movie, but then I read the sneak preview for New Moon and loveeed it. Then my sweet sweet husband brought home New Moon and I finished it quickly. He was like what? lol So we drove all over town to find this because I thought they'd have it in paperback but they don't.
*off to bed now and about to read eclipse*
night night beautiful ladies!


tina said...

Does sally really sale china glaze...?? omg...I been wanting to get china glaze a try but I hate ordering online...I didn't know anywhere else that would sale them like at the store so I can get it right away. How much did you get yours?

The audrey color look awesome...have you try any of the pinkish color more like cotton candy color...??

Ashley n Rich said...

Wow you got a lot of cool goodies (in your last blog too!) You always find such good deals. Question, have you sold your camera yet? I just ordered some macro filters like you said..i hope it will work just as good :) I hate trying to take close up pictures of the babies and they turn out so damn blurry ergh!

The hubs leaves in july and comes home in september. I hate it! I'm dreading it so bad..i'm going to miss him :( We're excited about going to New Mexico only because we hate vegas but i'm sure once we get there it's going to be so boring, i hope i'm wrong though haha. Hopefully you guys get stationed there too, yay!!!


Vanessa said...

I LOVE Twilight! Edward is totally my husband HAHAHA, and you got all my favorite China Glaze colors!

Sonya said...

Spontaneous is my favorite! Love it to death! :)

Meeow said...

I love the twilight series. im glad i read the book before the movie came out, because i was a bit disapointed in the movie, but then i guess thats how it goes...