Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ulta Professional Highlighter Brush Review!

Ulta Professional Highlighter Brush
$26 at Ulta stores.
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
Pros: this brush is known to be a dupe of Mac's 187 BUT i do NOT own one so i can't say if they are comparible. but if it is a dupe, the price is a pro compared to Mac's.
-does the job a stippling brush should
-gives me a nice airbrushed look
-bristles are soft
-handle is long and sturdy
Cons: price, i own the sonia kashuk highlighter brush and i feel it does the same job for $10

My experience: when i first washed it, it shedded! i mean i was so mad, just the black bristles though. i thought, maybe once it dries it won't be so bad...then when it dried, i tried applying my studio fix liquid with it and i had to literally pick off 7 pieces of black bristles off my face! i was going to go back to Ulta to return it.
BUT, after the second wash there wasn't any shedding. *whew* i didn't want to pay $26 for a brush that sheds! i haven't noticed any shedding after the first wash since.
my real take on this: if you feel like spending a little, you should get this. BUT, if you are on the hunt for a cheaper version, get the Sonia Kashuk highlighter brush. it has never shedded on me and it does the same job this brush does.


ntxhoomania said...

I'm in need of some face brushes too... but the Sonia Kashuk brushes are actually on sale right now at Target...yay

tina said...

Thanks for reviewing the sonia Kashuk one..I wanted to buy it the other day but didn't because I wasn't sure if its going to be any good compare to my Coastal scents one... by the way...I am giving you the Nano Award...love learning from you.... ;D

AbcGrrrL said...

Thanks for the review. Yesyes, the Ulta and SK brush is a lot cheaper than the MAC. I think my 187 shed the first time I used it.

Anonymous said...

Good thing you didn't get the skunk brush from coastal scents because THAT one has a MAJOR difference compared to the MAC 187. The white bristles are supposed to be sturdier and a little bit harder so you can stipple better. I'm glad the ulta brush worked out for you! :) *P.S, I have had shedding experience with mine too,(both coastal scents and MAC 187) I think they are all supposed to shed.

Marie. said...

I have the 187SE (hello kitty & the holiday collection from last year) and the hello kitty one shed and bled on me. It still sheds and I've washed it at least five times. I dont own a full size 187, so.

In my opinion I think there are TONS of "187"'s out there that are wayyy better for half the price.

ekimura said...

Hi Hun~!! we are total opposite I was living in FL and now in MN LOL

I bet your liking there way better ^_^
Im still getting used to here, I cant believe the cold weather is so long... Im used to 80-100 degrees LOL but yes winter snow was beautiful!

ekimura said...
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mzkrystall said...

ive been wanting to try out sk brushes! esp the blending sponge.. ahh! love that ulta brush. def. a mac 187 dupe

BlushingChong said...

Yeah, it's Bao Lee, she's my younger sister. Sasha, I have not seen her in ages...small world! ;)

tiff said...

Thanks for the photo tweak! I love how it looks :). I had to add it to my post. I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to photo editing.

I've never seen the Sonia Kashuk brush at the Target I go to; I just use the Coastal Scents one. Hopefully they'll get it sometime so I can check it out.

DSK said...

same here! I want everything lol

Cupcake Couture said...

Hello... I stumbled upon your blog and had to comment. I just wanted to congratulate you on the baby boy, you look so adorable pregnant!! I hope I look like that whenever I get pregnant! lol...

I like this look btw, very cute..

Anyway just wanted to say hello, and you have an adorable blog, I'm following! :)