Monday, May 18, 2009

New York Color Metro Quad Quartet

You can find this wherever New York Color is sold. $3.99 or cheaper wherever you find it.
What do I love most about this? It's small and travel friendly. (i hate bulky packaging!) It's got all the colors you need for a look. The small applicator with the brush on the end is great for the inner corner of your eyes.

The best of Broadway over ELF's eyeshadow primer.
The shadows are buildable and can be sheer too.
...ranting: so i've been breaking out a little bit and i'm trying to figure out what it is. i ran out of my philosphy purity cleanser so i have to order more. an 8oz of it lasted me 5 months! i need more :( i don't know if it's the lack of sleep that i've been getting that's causing me to break out but i hope it is. i hate switching up products but the only new product i've added to my routine is the ABH pore we will see. Or my husbands greasy lips kissing me on my forehead.


AbcGrrrL said...

Thats pretty pigmented eyeshadows for 3.99 :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

haha, about your husband's greasy lips! But I hope your skin clears up soon. & that's a cute set of shadow

Chomsiri said...

i did a review on this before but a duo palette! they are pretty good for its price! :D

Whit said...

very pretty colors!

Beauty Addict said...

The seller was csbehappy. I do like buying the lashes in a set too because it's much cheaper. It's more plastic like than the ones you buy at the store but whatever it works=D

Wow, the NYC shadows showed up pretty good. I too scared to buy shadows from NYC and Wet n Wild! BC it's so cheap I think that it's not going to be pigmented.

I use the Philosophy cleanser too. I like it, but it doesn't keep my skin as clear as Neutrogena. Hopefully your skin clears up. It could be hormones too.