Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sonia Kashuk Dual Coverage Powder + Nutella

My first SK product letdown. BOOHOO.
I really wanted to just look for something quick to swipe on my face for my lazy-ass days esp. being pregnant and soon to be mom, babies will get to you. I remember when I took care of my nephew when he was 1 years old running around, waking up super early in the morning. He'd come knock on my door and want me to feed him or play with him, so i'd have to quickly put my face on for the day. (i mean quickly, my nephew is a hyped up little kid that causes trouble every second)
Anyways, I found this at target and since it said "Dual Coverage", I was like hrmm okay. I have been happy with the products that I have tried from her, esp. her brushes too. I didn't think..this would let me down.
See that slightly lighter shade on my backhand? That's the powder.
Okay honestly, this is more of a setting powder, not a foundation! It really doesn't even stick onto your face unless you have a good oily moisturizer on. I tried this using a buffer brush, fluffy brush, applying it wet (which looked super cakey), and no good results.
However, I did try it on top of my revlon/mac sff today and it definitely did set the foundation well!
So SK, you should probably change this products title having something with Setting Powder in the name.

Nutella, has anyone else tried this? I like it, not love it. I know in other countries they eat this with a lot of stuff. It reminds me of peanut butter chocolate, but I know this has hazelnuts in it.

I have yet to try it on other things, i've only tried it on toast and it was pretty good, but I think I need something more solid to eat with this stuff.

If you are a chocolate lover, you'll most likely love this stuff. :)
If you guys have any recipe suggestions, holla! lol


chunkee munkee said...

lol i love chocolate and i LOVE nutella. i eat it with english muffins, home made yellow cake(its much less calories than frosting), bagels, toast, you name it!!!!!

miss wiggle said...

I have never ever ever tried nutella, and I never want to! haha, cus then I'll turn into a big round cotton candy bob! xD

Audrie said...

I can eat that stuff for breakfast, lunch, and dinner haha. Slap some on some toasted bread and I'm good to go. Also very yummy with strawberries :)

donnarence said...

i love nutella.. there are times i eat it alone like ice cream.. LOL i love chocolates.. :S that is so sad with sk.. my first exp with sk was with their blush and lip palette which i think is good.. :D

Chomsiri said...

i saw the "foundation" at target but i didnt buy it either. something about it seems bleh :P

thanks for the review tho! now i know its better as a setting powder! <3

and omg nutella! i eat that by itself with a spoon!

KRYSTAL said...

omg, NUTELLA!! i eat that with peanut butter on my bread!! goodstuff! its also good with bananas!! yummm. hahah

gglovebaby said...

NUTELLA!! OMG.. i love this stuff. i always always get it on my crepes. i get nutella AND chocolate syrup so those cashiers are always like "huh?!"... and im always like "yeah, u heard that rite".... ive never had it alone or w/ toast but sounds interesting! i always thought it was for desserts lol

kae said...

YUM i love nutella! i love it with my crepes =]

Lulu said...

hmm i loooove nutella and used to eat it all the time in college :P
On the toast is the easiest way to go, but i also throw it in my crepes, dip with fruits...one thing I've invented was when you bake cupcakes, drop a dallop of nutella inside of the batter, and when it's baked, it tastes like lava cake, w/ the chocolate melting inside of the cupcake? hmm i want some right now!

Lily said...

oh mmmm nutella is good on crepes! i can never finish an entire tub of nutella though. it reminds me of the ferrero rocher chocolate candies

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I've tried Nutella before & loved it, but I've never had my own Nutella to indulge in! & now I want to go buy some. haha

AbcGrrrL said...

Nutella is the bombbbbb!

I usually spread it on a toasted English Muffin for breakfast, or if I have a bagels, I'd spread it on that and top it off with sliced bananas. Last time my sister came over to visit, she literally finished the rest of my Nutella tub :(

Shen said...

i love nutella! :) i can eat up a jar in about 3 or 4 movies. :)