Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Win $50 from!

Me and the hubs are trying to get more people onto our site, so we're hosting a small contest. If you are creative, have a bit of designing skills, or just love drawing, you might like this contest!
Win $50!
We will randomly draw first 30 people and have 1 winner.
You must have a valid email. The winner will receive $50 through paypal or a $50 gift certificate to choice of store. For the choice of store chosen, gift certificates/card must be available to purchase (since some stores do not offer gift certificates/card).




1. Register at


2. Upload and receive approval for:


***1 Icon ***
***1 Background ***
***1 Sign ***


3. Comment 1 image on




You may only register once. Members found with more than one will be automatically disqualified.


Audrie said...

awww I suck at graphic design boo :( I hope you get lots of awesome entries!!

Omg I loove your website, you are so talented! Can these myspace backgrounds be used for blogs and youtube channels as well?

KRYSTAL said...

wow that sounds nice, sucks tho, cuz i dont have my adobe photoshop anymore!! =[ so i dont know how i can make those icons, bannersss! =[[ love the idea tho!

FuriousFeng said...

Heheh sounds like i should join your contest!!!

Thanks so much for all the encouragement, you're a sweetheart! And congrats on having a baby!!! You'll have to take pictures when your baby is born.

chunkee munkee said...

cool contest!!! i like the red warning at the bottom, VERY official, lol

gglovebaby said...

i have a request... i been lookin for a purple buffalo plaid myspace background but i cant find a decent one. all i can find r google pix of the ones on clothes. can u help?