Friday, September 4, 2009

FOTD, L'oreal Chome Eyeliners, and my lil man

I am really in love with the L'oreal Chrome Eyeliners! They glide on so smoothly it's like honey :P I hate my eyes though, one wants to be a monolid and the other wants to have a double lid. (that's why my left eye shows up more vivid than my right) Make up your mind geez! lol
Today is a do whatever makeup day.
Face: Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Foundation in Classic Beige (new HG)
Jane bronzer for warm tones
EDM albott's perk me up concealer
Lips: nothing!
Eyebrows: Wet N Wild's Kohl liner for brows and eyes in Dark Brown (Ilovethis!)
Eyes: Urban Decay's eyeshadows in gridlock
Starsmakeuphaven's single shadow in Smoke and Mirrors
Wet n Wild mega liner for top lash
Full n Soft mascara by Maybelline
L'oreal chrome eyeliner in black shock (lower lashline)
L'oreal chrome eyeliner in silver (inner highlight)
The silver definitely gives my eyes a POP! in real life at least. My pictures never justify the look i've done for the day.

Keenan, 2 months and I caught him trying to hold his bottle. He only does it once in a while though. He's growing so fast :( He loves playing peek a boo and me singing ol mcdonald lol. I LOVE HIS SMILE! he's so silly. and still farts like a mad man.


Sugar said...

your baby is soooo adorable! :)

Denysia said...

my eyelids do that too! Well it's good to know, that i'm not the only one with eyelid problems!

your baby is super cute! he looks like he's enjoying his milk! :)

Anonymous said...

hi!! im a new follower and i love ur blog!! you seriously have the most preciouos baby ever! :D AND ur skin is super gorgeous! i can't wait to read more!

Ashley n Rich said...

Aw the little guy is so cute...
Mmmm...I think i might look into the L`oreal chome eyeliners because my revlon color stay sucks, atleast i think so.

Man, i'm really thinking about switching blogs becuase tumblr is so boring.

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

I also love the Wet and Wild kohl brow liners. I use taupe.

Your little man is in deed growing!! So cool that he can hold his bottle.

Sher said...

you look gorgeous! your baby is the cutest thing :))

glossaddict said...

Adorable picture! My eyes do the same thing, so random. I usually have to put a little more shadow or liner on the other eye to even them out! Glad i'm not the only person with it lol.

glitteryeyesxx said...

Hi! My goodness, your little one is so cute! Kinda makes me want to have one lol.

Can you please post the pics up with you in your new contacts? Where did (which web SITE) you order them by the way online? Thanks!! ^_^

Christy said...

my eyelids do that too, and i hate when it happens. i end up feeling really subconscious for the whole day when my eyelids are like that. i love your make up though, and i can't tell at all that your eyelids are being uncooperative.

and keenan looks so cuuteeeeeeeeeee.

Eugenia said...

omg sooo cutttteeeee!!!