Wednesday, September 2, 2009

L'oreal HIP Chrome Eyeliner - a drugstore must have!

I got this in black shock. It also comes in gold, silver, purple, and teal I believe.
Description: Play up your eyes with a stroke of bold, metallic definition. HIP Color Chrome Eyeliner delivers luminous definition with an intense metallic finish. The unique liquid pencil formula glides on smoothly, combining the intensity of a liquid liner with the precision and ease of a pencil. Get high-watt chromatic definition with long-lasting.

Pencil formula to last longer! (I've been starting to hate retractables lately!)
Close up swatches. The left swatch is applied as if you would do your liner and the right is LIGHTLY i mean LIGHT swatched. This is a must have because it has zero tugging. It seriously glides on and has great pigmentation!! Once it finishes drying, it is set. No smudging or anything.
The chrome liners has a bit of sparkle in them, but they're not glittery. It is a metallic effect and i'm so going to buy the rest of the colors. It's a bit pricey for a drugstore liner ($8-$9) depending on where you buy these. But they are definitely worth it. I am in love with how smooth is glides, staying power, and pigmentation. I use this on my lower lashline and it stays on all day and does not fade. Most liners fade on my lower lashline whenever I come back from shopping. Check them out if you get a chance to!


I just ordered a few new lenses. Glamour green eyes (i'm so in love with colorvue).

Hazel yellow fusion.
(will post pictures when i get them)


Marie. said...

I have the gold one, I havent used it yet but I'm pretty excited to! I want the purple one too but I cant find it anywhere anymore =(

xLovelyMakeupx said...

i have to go but me that liner!!! i have been using this really good one from avon but they discontinued it =[