Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boba on A Saturday Adventure

I had real boba's in my boba tea today and I couldn't stop popping them in my mouth! I've always just had tapioca pearls in my drinks but I never knew these We went to the mall today and saw the new shop there so we checked it out. I got the yogurt boba's in coconut drink. The boba's tasted like lychee even though it said yogurt..but i love lychee so i don't have a problem with that.

I promised Keenan that I'd take him to the mall to walk around since he loves being in his carrier/wrap.

He loved just staring at the lights on the carousel.

There were lights at the arcade so of course we went there and Keenan just kept staring. He loves lights..i can't wait for him to see the Christmas tree!

my w lazies.. =)

my favorite pictures of us..he likes being on his belly now and he looks like his daddy in this picture!

..and then there is us. I really think he has grown attached to me..almost to a point where if I walk away he will cry. One of the best feelings in the knowing that he knows I am his mom.


xSplendidStar said...

So cuteeeeeee! I'm still in love with your camera too! hehe xxx

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I don't have a child so I don't know the feeling of a mother yet. Someday, someday! hehehe. You're gorgeous and he's such a cutieeeee starring at the lights! lol. So I guess the hubbie is more interacted with the family now?

Nani said...

i know how you feel about walking away, if my little one can not see me she freaks!!! even when daddy is with her. Separation anxiety has begun!

5TYLISTA said...

beautiful pics! what's the difference between boba and the tapioca pearls? i've only ever tried the black tapioca pearls

Sher said...

aww hes so adorable! and you look great :)

Babybubblz said...

Beautiful pictures!

loveashrey said...

I love BOBA too!! Keenan is such a cutie patootie. He's a spitting image of walley, i swear :). Richie never wanted to carry landon in the carrier, maybe because to him it looked weird lol. I wish i could've but since i'm so small it REALLY looked funny.

ko0ty said...

Cute pictures! I love boba.. I'm lucky to live in a city where there's a bubble tea shop in like every corner. =P

mar <3 said...

ahh im so jealous! i remember wanting boba tea so bad with no where in fwb area to get any lol..

gosh i miss florida more now =(

M.'s Ramblings said...

Oh, I loooooooooove me some boba!!! So good. When we lived in Tacoma, it was so weird, I couldn't find a boba place that had milk tea flavor, they only had these gross artificial flavors that tasted like the powder.

Cal loves lights too! He's in love with the computer, cell phones, anything that makes sounds and is lit up! lol

Your pics, again, are fab, and the lil man is cuter than ever. :)

loveashrey said...

Thank you! There' STILL so much to do, and even after taking those pictures and looking at them, i'm like..uh that needs to go..i need to put that there..move that over there..hang that there...fix that..lower that..LOL. You guys are MORE than welcomed at our house. We can chill, drink, play movies. The kids can play together, landon's room is pretty much a playroom!

OMG! Get the jumper for him. He will LOVE it! Riley loves her jumper and goes crazy in it. It REALLY strengthens their legs. I give it 10 stars! We have a walker for riley as well but I don't think we're gonna use it much since she does really well standing, jumping and moving in her jumper. Let me know what you decide to do.

~Lisa said... sweet! Wait until he can start crawling around, it's soo cute! I have a little niece or cousin, idk what relationship we have LOL, but anyways, when she stared crawling she follows you everywhere and can play on her own. It's soo funny to walk in a room and there she is playing!!

The weird thing about her is that she learned how to walk before she was able to crawl properly! LOL

& I love the last pic of you and Keenan. It's such a sweet and warm photo. And you looked gorgeous there!!