Monday, October 26, 2009

Tijuana Flats and Camera Talk

Grubbing at Tijuana Flats. This was our first time there so we didn't know what to order. Well I did..only because I checked out their nutritional info and their steak burrito was under 400 calories so I decided to get it. It didn't look as appealing as my husbands dish! Keenan was excited to see all the food lol.

Flautas! These were so good and crispy. My husband asked one of the workers how to eat these! LOL i was like what the.. She said to dip it in the queso and then into the veggies. Why do the good things in life have to be fattening? :P
I have been getting a lot of questions about my camera and camera suggestions.
First off let me say that I went to college for half a year for photography. Although it wasn't long, it taught me much about exposures and shutter stops. I've worked with shooting studio pictures and outdoor events. ..and if you know me, i hate shooting weddings! Only because they are long and it is very demanding.
My first SLR (single lens reflect) camera that I ever owned was a Nikon. It wasn't digital but it was a good practice. I learned how to develop photos in black rooms and the whole ordeal. Then I got married after I left and my husband bought me my first digital SLR which was the Nikon D40. I must say this and it is important, that if you want a digital SLR and have never worked with them, get this or a Canon Rebel low grade. The ones that cost under $600. They are definitely worth it in my opinion because they have an Auto function that allows you to point and shoot.
My second one after the D40 was a Nikon D300. It ranges anywhere from $1000 -$1300 for the body alone. This camera is semi-professional. It's not up there with the top notches but it definitely has a ton of awesome functions. It was really heavy which I hated but it took awesome pictures. This camera does not have an auto function and you have to manually do everything.
And now I have my Canon Xt1. It is awesome because it has an auto function and HD recording. I can record videos of Keenan and take some sweet pictures. The price range is not bad either, $800-$900 for a camcorder and camera in one.
Digital Cameras-------
I have owned a number of them in my life. If you can find one that has a macro option, that is good for taking up close pictures. The zoom on digital cameras are important for that also. My favorite brand of digital cameras is Canon. Canons and Nikons are constantly competing. Nikons have gotten better, but what I can mostly say about the digital cameras is that the face detection is an important option. If you are looking to print pictures constantly, you want more megapixels.


xSplendidStar said...

Woah thank you so much for this post! I now know more about cameras :D like I never knew what macro was used for O_O but I just had it on for fun LOL I am also learning how to develop the pictures in the black room! It's so fun but the chemicals stink =_= ew ahaha. Now I really must get the digital SLR :D *starts saving up* XD


xoladiihoneyxo said...

The food looks delicious! =D and look at your little man's face. haha. This picture is so priceless! Are you doing a scrap book for him? YOU SHOULD! My mom collected and took a lot of pictures when I was a baby and growing up. She stopped sometime in elementary school but good thing I have pictures from some friends or my classes or just random pictures from school that teachers tends to take of their students to do yearbooks or what not. lol.

Marie. said...

I want the camera you have but I'm not up there yet to be messing with one!

The boyfriend let me get the Canon SX10IS for practice, I still dont know how to change my shutter speed! Haha. But I eventually want a Rebel. Once I learn how to use this SX!

loveashrey said...

I agree, the nikon d300 is heavy as hell. It's a bi*ch trying to carry that thing. And i hate it when people stare. Everytime i'm taking pictures of the kids, people are always like ... Wow that's a huge camera"..

loveashrey said...

Oh and i love that picture of you and keenan :) So adorable!

Anonymous said...

LOL the better it tastes the worst it is for our body! But who cares we only live once!

Babybubblz said...

Great post, very informative! Thanks for the camera recommendations. You photos are so beautiful!!!

Nani said...

I always love your picture posts! I want to try the food, it's hard to find good Mexican food in NC -0- (I am used to it being so easy to find in CA)

I want to invest in a photography class and maybe get a real DSLR. I love how you take pictures it really makes me want to spare the time to get into photography again.

MEii said...

haha...the foods look so delicious from the photo. lol
i wish i can get one of those camera, but *sign* not any time soon.

SASHA said...

les! baby has meng's brows! lol, i just noticed that! he's soooooooo cute!! omg. you have to watch this korean drama online [youtube] speed scandal! the little boy reminds me of keenan and eric mix together but an older version! lol .:D

~Lisa said...

LOL, Keenan looks super excited!! He looks like he's about to drool, and me too! The food there looks delicious. I don't count my calories, I just eat whatever I like because I have a fast metabolism but not constantly or else I'll really get fat.

And thanks for the info on cameras. I really want a new camera badly. My stupid Sony Cybershot 6.0 Megapixels sucks so badly!! The macro option doesn't even work most of the time!! My parents bought it and they thought that Sony was so good and all. When we get a new camera, I'm demanding Canon or Nikons.