Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chicken Noodle Soup for ..the stressed!

My ideal comfort food is usually a nice hot soup, not straight out from the can. Once in a while I will turn to sweets, but most of the time I will want soup to comfort me on my days that i've just had enough bullshit.
Ingredients for the lovin':
-your choice of chicken parts, as long as it's got some meat on it! i used chicken thighs because that's all we had, and the meat is super soft.
-1 can of chicken broth
-1/2 onion diced
-carrots (i used matchstick carrots b/c that's all we had lol and i didn't want chunks of it in the soup either)
-mushroom seasoning or MSG SUBSITUTE
-cilantro (optional)
-egg noodles
Directions: Heat up the pot of your choice to a medium temp. and put a dab of oil in it, then put the diced onions in it. You want to sweat your onions, not fry them. By doing this you are releasing the flavor of the onions. Throw in the carrots and let them get a coating of the oil too. Then after they look like they've been sweated enough, throw the chicken in and let that cook just a bit. When that is done, pour in the can of chicken broth and let it boil for a bit to get all the flavors concentrated. Afterwards fill up the pot with water and let it boil. Once it starts boiling, add a generous amount of salt and mushroom seasoning. I let mine boil for a good 30 minutes. Keep tasting it to see how much salt/seasoning you want in it. You should have a nice chicken broth flavor.
Cook the egg noodles in a seperate pot and strain them when they are done. Put them in a bowl and pour the broth over and serve!
The soup is refreshing and it doesn't have a nasty syrup taste like most soups do in a can :P It's also more healthy because you get to see what you are adding into it. I put cilantro in mine because it gives it a different kick.
I recently went to a wedding with my friend Summer from Shooke Photography. She let me take some pictures with my camera and I had a blast with her. She is so creative and awesome! I'll post up my pictures later on when I am done editing them. Stay tuned..


Nani said...

now that sounds good right now. its so freakin cold! int he jammies with chicken soup MMmm ^^

Dana Yoshimizu said...

oh my gosh that looks so yummy!! *drools*

I just love your new camera, it takes the BEST pictures.
I'm currently saving for a new camera but am not sure what to get myself, I think I might just get myself the same one you have! XD

xSplendidStar said...

That looks yummy! Hehe my stress reliever is also food :D Food just calms anything for me =D coz I feel like I'm in Heaven after I've eaten LOL! xxx

Samantha said...

Soup is amazing as a comfort food especially this time of year!

Great photography and recipe :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I love chicken noodle soup!!! =D

Anonymous said...

yummmy, I love hot comfort foods!

loveashrey said...

mmmm, that chicken noodle soup looks so good! I'm going to have to try that some time :).

I don't really know the exact name for those plants but they're cotton balls, literally. so cool!

~Lisa said...

Yummy!!! I love having hot soup in the winter but ice cream in the summer ^^

SASHA said...

that looks yummy leslie! this is sasha! lol, finally made an account.

i remember way back then when we both did not know how to cook eggs... now look at you, mrs. chef!

come cook for me too. :D lol.