Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Zesty Tortilla Wrap - A healthy low calorie meal!

I have found a new love for..whole wheat tortillas! This wrap is super easy to make and it tastes great!
Ingredients used: La Tortilla Factory whole wheat tortillas (only 80 calories per wrap!)
-Hellman's Light mayo
-Sams Club canned chicken breast
-Taco Seasoning
-First you will want to put half a tablespoon of mayo in a small bowl and mix about a teaspoon of taco seasoning into the mayo and stir it well. This gives it that zesty flavor instead of having to use ranch or other dressings, and it sticks.
-Take one of the wraps and place it on a plate, then spread the mayo. Afterwards add the chicken breasts on there (i open a can and use my hands to break the chicken into shredded pieces).
-Add tomatoes, spinach, and cilantro afterwards and wrap it! The cilantro gives it a mexican-dish flavor that pairs up with the taco seasoned mayo.
If you want to make it a meal, pair it up with Lay's light chips that are only 70 calories for each serving. The average chips are 150 + calories per serving. Then drink some crystal light with your meal. (..yes i am a calorie counter)
Usually one makes me full but feel free to have 2 if you'd like. ..and I usually eat this for lunch. It is about 300 calories depending on how many chips I munch on. Crystal light packets have been a staple in my diet since forever. They are low calorie and besides that, I can't even stand drinking soda. It burns my throat so i'm really sensitive to it and I don't like the feeling it leaves on my teeth afterwards.
Have a happy healthy day! =)


Nani said...

Now that sounds good! I am going to have to try this

xoladiihoneyxo said...

looks yummy! =D I've actually made something similar... chicken ceaser wrap counts! hahaha. Probably has more calories, I never really paid attention. I just eat what I want to eat. lol. I'll try this recipe someday! I hate can or bagged (the one you buy in a box... I think South Beach's lunch box or something like that) grilled chicken breast! It has a strong smell... I can smell like chemical or something which grosses me out so much -_-

SASHA said...

do you remember way back when we use to make tortilla wraps but full of cheese! lol. :D

~Lisa said...

Mmmm....looks great and tasty!! Whenever I cook, my food looks like crap. They never look perfect. T.T