Sunday, November 8, 2009

YOU. =)
I haven't really been buying any makeup, probably because i've got what I want/need. But this ...would be PERFECT. I said that about the Urban Decay book of shadows, put it away for half a year, then found it and started using it again. This features matte and shimmer shadows, plus their best selling bronzer! I want i want i want!
Black friday- i am so bad but i want a new pair of boots. well i want more than one pair :P but i told the hubs that mainly what i need are tees and stuff to wear while i'm at home since i am home all the time and we don't go out much. i used to walk around wearing..nothing. haha because we live on our own, but since keenan's around i always have clothes on. my husband believes that keenan will remember this for the rest of his life. but yeah, more tees because i have way...too many tanks and sleeveless tops. i probably only have 2 t-shirts in the closet right now.
it'll soon be our 4 yr. anniversary..on black friday. lol
what are you guys looking forward to getting?


xoladiihoneyxo said...

I won't be participating on Black Friday. lol. Have fun shopping!

MzPangee said...

i just bought it yesterday =D and I absolutely LOOOOVE it!! it's definitely a must-have.

mar <3 said...

aww cute, hubby and i are celebrating 4 years in december as well <3..

i remember black friday in florida MADNESS! lol. have fun

glossaddict said...

There's an amazing kit like this from Smashbox that will be at Ulta. It has over 60 shadows and it looks so pretty!

MzPangee said...

i gave you an award =]

~Lisa said...

Oh! Isn't that the Tarte palette? The gems on the packaging are so cute!!

And lol, your husbands so funny! Ah! I would be scarred for life if I saw my mommy nude! LOL

And happy early 4th anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]

Marie. said...

Hopefully a DSi for both me and Martin. Or just Martin. I have pretty much everything I want besides a Mac Book Pro, dSLR and tickets to see Wicked (again) haha.

I'm not going to ask for anything this year though because I'm getting married after Christmas and that alone is costing a lot of money. If I'm lucky, I'll just go out and get his DSi for Christmas.

Happy early anniversary!

Nani said...

oh I am going to have to go and check that out! I will be going out on black Friday for the first time this year. I always got out of it, but I think i might want to grab some things this year.