Wednesday, November 18, 2009


..i've been wearing my hair in pigtails. =) the makeup is simple and i haven't really bought anything in forever. i'm thinking i might not even want the tarte chest for christmas. ..but as usual, we'll see. i'm learning to appreciate the things i have already.

..the little man's back teeth are coming out and he's been super cranky. i took this picture when they both were napping together. keenan didn't and still doesn't want us to put him down. it's getting pretty tiring but we're surviving..again..he's going to be my only baby! LOL

I put up the Christmas tree the other day. i usually do when it gets close to Thanksgiving. it warms my heart up.

..just a few pictures of the ornaments.

the weight loss is going really good. i think my body is going back to it's normal self and before i know it, i will have made my goals as to getting my normal weight before the end of the year. it feels great and i dont have to worry about my image as much anymore. ..yes i do care about the way i look because it's not only about looks, it's about health and who you are.
i get pretty annoyed when people think this or that of makeup. really, if you don't know how to use it, you will look cheap. there is nothing wrong with enhancing your beauty that you have already. whenever i go out at all (which doesn't happen everyday fyi) i do wear makeup, but not clubbing makeup or anything, and i love just dressing cute or wearing something nice. i KNOW i get stares, but i'll say i get dirty stares from girls or women. really, when i do get those stares, i just think to myself, you can look good too if you try a little. geez. for example, this one lady probably in her mid 30's, she's got bags underneath her eyes and just gives me that dirty look. (you gals probably know what i'm talking about) it really bothers me. throw on some concealer,blush or eyeliner or something! i don't wake up looking good... lol..i really don't but that's why i take care of myself.
then i will get the usual girls who are really sweet enough to say they love my purse or something i'm wearing, and ask where i got it from and how did i do this or that. at least they're being honest and they learn, as i would do the same if i saw something i liked on someone else. i just felt like ranting about that because i've been getting that a lot lately. it's winter here and i don't dress like a hooch either. heck, my husband wouldn't let me outta the house if i were dressed like one.
anyways, for thanksgiving this year i think the lil fam is heading over to one of my husband's friends place to eat some deep fried turkey! hahaha i told him that i'll bring some egg rolls along, it asian style!
i hope you all have a happy thanksgiving! i'll post pictures up when that time comes. <3


Irish said...

awww that picture of your hubby and baby is preciouse ^_^

I saw your christmas tree and I was like oh men I want mine up already, but the bf wants a real tree arrggg!

Also with the lady staring, yeah I do get that a lot also, it's irritating because I hate when people stare at me, really it's just rude lol! But I agree with you with women needing to take care of themselves and enhance what they already got. It's not going to kill them lol!

Good job on the weight lost sweetie. Wish my weight goes down that quickly like yours heheheh! It's harder for me coz I love food too :D take care!

miss wiggle said...

You look SO adorable in pigtails!!!

Can't believe another year is coming to an end! *sigh* I'm debating whether or not to get a tree for our apartment... since it's only student housing, I feel ridiculous buying it and then having to move it next year. But I suppose it might be worth it for a little holiday cheer. Wee!

M.'s Ramblings said...

Yeah I know those
When you dress well, take care of yourself, do your hair and makeup, it shows that you respect yourself. And I don't care what ppl say, people make assessments about the type of person you are, based on what you look like. And studies actually show that people are nicer to attractive people, because they want to believe that they are good people. Crazy, huh?

When I lived in WA, the first couple of months, I felt over-dressed. I had to learn to dress down and wear less make-up. lol

Don't pay attention to the haters! Keep doin' what your doin' and be yourself! :)

xLovelyMakeupx said...

i know what your talking about, i feel like busting my makeup bag out and giving them a mini makeover, if they only knew that some mascara and a little lipgloss goes a long way! but dont worry love as long as you feel and look good thats all that matters.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

You can't do it more Asian style than me..... SUSHI FOR THANKSGIVING EVERY YEAR WITH THE TWO CLOSE FRIENDS! hahaha. it's our little tradition since we don't celebrate Thanksgiving with anyone or the family.

I hate it when people giving me the dirty looks!...... majority of the time, I don't even wear make-up and it makes me feel uncomfortable.... like I'm fat or something. I enjoy it when someone compliment something, even if it's a purse I'm carrying or something. lol. I told this one classmate that I liked her necklace and she said "thanks" in a weird way -___- That was the last time I complimented someone I'm not acquaintance/friend with. LOL. I guess some people take it the wrong way? I still do compliment or ask where they got a certain something though. lol. Just part of my nature! Your little man is so adorable!!! Why only one child? =[ BRING A BABY GIRL INTO THE WORLD!!! hehe. She'll be beautiful just like you =] Damn, I sound so corny! haha.

Nani said...

the picture of your hubs and little man is adorable! so so cute. Sae is doing the same thing, but it's mostly to me only -0- i can't do anything!!! You look super cute in pig tails! your hair is growing. I wish i could say the same about weight loss.. man i have so much work to do ::sigh::

Anonymous said...

Hey girl~ omg that pic of ur baby and ur hubby is one of those pics where when you took it, it was just random but it means so much when you look back at it. AND you look amazing!!

Ms.Monika said...

your pictures are great!
what camera do you use?

* swtexcape * said...

aww you look adorable with pigtails! that is SUCH a precious picture of your baby and hubby! i saw your christmas tree photos and got a shiver up my spine.. makes me excited for Christmas and the holiday season!! thanks for a lovely post <3

Anonymous said...

When you say that these ladies would give you hater stares.. were these Hmong ladies now? I think all asian women are alike but because I'm Hmong, I can testify to the fact that Hmong women are pretty shady. I've had my share of meeting both nice and evils. Love your blog. I followed.