Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween at the Mall and Thanks chunker..Keenan wasn't anything..we put him in his fleece jumpsuit that makes him look like a teddy bear. (btw i am obsessed with hoodies that have bear ears on them!) It finally got chilly so it was perfect for Keenan to wear it.
..yes he loves mommy, can you tell? lol My husband has never been trick or treating inside malls on Halloween and he thought it was going to be dumb at first but he actually thought it was cool. We saw a ton of batman's and power rangers!

This picture was taken today, we bought him a hat and I was excited to put it on him since it was chilly out.
On a note to all of the blogger ladies that commented on my last post, Thank You!
You really cannot understand how much better I felt after reading all of the posts. Sometimes I feel as if I am the only one who's ever felt that way. ..but it just goes to show you that..most men are the same. ..and us girls deserve an award for putting up with it!
The current situation right now is, he is making up for it since I told him that it's just been so crazy with his school and wanting to spend time with him. Now that he's done, things are getting better and I hope it stays this way. The flirting/being too friendly, yes yes insecurity does get the best of us. I have my days when I can look pretty outside but feel like a piece of poo inside. //but yeah, lets just hope it gets better. i am not looking forward to call of duty 5 to come out. if only the wives can buy all of them off the shelf before the husbands get to it :P


Nani said...

I LOVE the bear suits too!!! i have so many, anything panda and bear i love to death! Carter's has alot of jumpsuits like that i have at least 3 and i saw another one i wanna get ^^.

Sae didn't dress up as anything either, we had dino pj's and that was her costume. they are too young to really enjoy the holiday either. i think the big thing is going to be christmas!

I am glad things are going better and you are feeling better. Just take it one day at a time.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

hahaha. your little baby boy is so cute!!!!

I'm glad he's making it up slowly to you =] Feel better sweetie! All us girls are practically going through the similar situation from time to time.

KimWen said...

that is such a cute bear suits and your son is just so adorable!!!

xSplendidStar said...

Aww you are absolutely welcome! <333

Hehe bear ears hoodie sure are adorable, I want one myself LOL!


Eugenia said...

those are the sweetest pics ever!

~Lisa said...

Aww! Keenan is too cute! Sometimes I like to browse the baby section to see if there are any cute clothes for my niece and some of them are UBER cute!

Hope everything goes well between you and your husband! Take care! =]

audrey said...

oh my god, so adorable<3
these pix are so beautiful and cute^^