Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back at 2010 and hopes for 2011

Hi everyone! I know the last time I posted was a while back. This year has been crazy.

I pretty much stopped blogging when we moved to Texas. When you have a baby that always wants to be on the computer when you are, it makes it hard but it's taught me to not devote so much of my time on the computer. Which a lot of good has come out of it, plus he's only a baby for such a little time.

Anyways, we moved to Texas in January and San angelo was almost like hell on earth. It is not pretty there at all and I can't imagine it ever being unless the whole town gave time into watering the grass there more often. It was dry and ..well DRY. You could get lost in the town and find your way back home because it was that small. The only good thing from there was the food probably. Nakamura sushi had to be one of the best sushi places we've eaten at. We still haven't found a bomb ass place here yet.

After the husband graduated from tech school we finally moved here to Virginia. I can say this much that I don't mind it here at all. Traffic can be bad sometimes but all of my essential stores that I need are here and it's pretty here. The beach here sucks though, we're used to white sand and emerald water. It's brown rough sand here with deep blue water..the usual. But i'm a much happier person here, not to mention I finally got my own car!

An ideal car I always had in mind was the subaru legacy but then after I had Keenan, my mind changed and I definitely wanted a mini suv. The Honda CRV is the perfect car for Keenan and I. It's AWD so I don't have to freak out so much in the snow here.

SNOW. Geez, we're Florida people. We have no snow gear. The most we had were windbreakers or light jackets. We definitely had to go shopping for winter clothes this year. I bought the lil man snow boots and a whole snow suit along with it. I felt so bad when he tipped over in the snow and his hands were freezing. It's nice to see the snow and I love the cold, but I think i'm ready for the spring already.

2010, my marriage has grown much. At one point I wanted to give up completely because I thought things were never going to get anywhere. But, i've found a way to communicate with him and it's helped tremendously. I can't say how thankful I am that things are getting better. He hasn't played video games that much and he's given Keenan the attention he needs from his daddy. Because of this, I have good hopes for 2011.

2011 will be filled with a positive outlook because we know we will be here for a while and not have to move within a year or so. Keenan's getting better with not wanting me to hold him all the time and I have a better schedule with him. Because of the beautiful greenery here, my spirit feels better to exercise and be healthy. I didn't know that landscape could affect how you feel but it does. There's just much more to do here.

I don't really have any resolutions but to be able to fit into my skinny shorts and take a vacation this year. Everyday is a blessing already.


xoladiihoneyxo said...

Glad things are getting better for you and your family! Continue to stay strong girl.

glitteryeyesxx said...

You're back, babe! I was soo worried about you for awhile. I tried to get on your web site but it was off or something like that. I was gonna text you, lol. But I didn't want to bother, I figured you were going thru something. But soo glad you're back :)

gbbylnscc said...

Leslie!! I havent heard from you in so long... glad to kno things r getting better & u are becoming happier. 2011 looks like a great year! I mite b bloggin again soon too.. its been soo long. I hope you achieve all ur goals and accomplish the things u wish to. move to LA!! haha <3 best wishes 2 you && happy new year<33