Saturday, January 29, 2011

*NEW* Andrea Modlash Eyelash Glue Adhesive!!!

In search for the new 8 pan Wet n Wild Color Icon palettes (which I sadly couldn't find), I found this..
It's a clear eyelash glue that promises no messy spills or mistakes, and is fast drying.
..well this is the best eyelash glue I have ever tried!!! It lives up to it's claims and dries extremely clear. I don't have to worry about waiting for the glue to dry and it clings on strong. It has a brush tip so you just brush on a thin layer of glue to the eyelash and then put it on your lids, press lightly for a few seconds and boom! You're done.
I wear falsies very often because I feel as if my eyes look tired without them and I haven't had success with eyelid glue.. So usually the falsies add an additonal 5 minutes or more to my daily routine. I don't have to hesitate anymore about waiting for the glue to dry. While this isn't waterproof, I can tell it clings on strong.
You can use this for both individual and strip lashes. A must have for falsie lovers!!

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happilyadork said...

where did u buy this glue?