Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do you do the double mirror check? know, the one where you check yourself one last time inside your home..then one in the car?

i think it's almost crucial to do so if you are wearing a lot of makeup. for example, one time when i did the double check in the car mirror, i found little black specks of eyeshadow on my cheeks!!! it was not good :/

the other day we were at tijuana flats and the server had orange streaks on her face. poor girl, i told my husband that if i were one of her good friends, i woulda told her a long time ago that her makeup or self tanner has gone wrong. i'm not trying to be mean, but it was VERY obvious..other than that she was sweet though.

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xoladiihoneyxo said...

I check one last time when I leave the house, even if it's just mascara but those can smudge on me. Maybe it's the way I blink or long lashes. I should check in the car though. I was out with people and didn't even know about it until I just did a quick smudge beneath my eyes since I didn't carry my mirror with me -__-' I probably had panda eyes!