Sunday, July 17, 2011

Keenan. Then and Now

I can believe he has grown this fast, only because I have spent every single day of it with him.  I have never been away from him for longer than 6 hours, if that.  I guess I can be glad to say that i've seen him grow.  There are even days where I say, "man did you grow overnight?" ..haha.  But if you ask me if I miss it when he was small, the answer would be, "Yes, but I love it where he is now." 

Two years old, the stage of adventures and constant learning.  This is where the sponge in his head really starts soaking things in.  He has made me proud.  He remembers things so well, but he knows so much because he's pretty good at reading emotions like I do.  A week ago, he aranged his blocks in the color of the rainbow by himself.  I was shocked and tried to keep cool because I didn't want to blow his 

This is it for now.  There is sooo much more to come!

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Dirt On The Rocks said...

oh man he's so big now! i remember following you since keenan was born. they definitely grow up so fast! he's such a cutie. i love his chubby cheeks they're my fav!