Saturday, June 25, 2011

oh hubby

Just a random picture I took today while sitting in the car waiting for the hubs to finish up some paperwork at onto some silly stories..

Does your partner ever do weird things in their sleep?  When it comes to sleeping Walley is pretty...unaware of anything else in the real world.  He is a deep sleeper, usually when he's really tired, he will often sleep talk.  ...and like the person I am, I usually always respond. 

One time, he told me to shut the door in hmong, woke up and asked why I shut the door.  I'll say the craziest thing he's done was.. he got up and grabbed his wallet while we were napping, then showed me his fake bruce lee id, put it back in his wallet and put his wallet in the drawer.  ..well he gets up and asks me if I moved his wallet!  crazy I know.  he even said while he was sleep talking, "look at this" while showing me the id.  lol the best part of this was that this was when i first went to visit him when we started dating. 

btw..we've gotten better and have talked about that one issue we were having.

what are some crazy things your partners have done?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cam Whore

Ok so there aren't a lot of pictures of me on this particular post BUT a few weeks ago, I can't really call her my friend since we only hung out a few times and I had a vibe that she was going to be a shit talker.  Why did I hang out with her?  I was trying to be nice and give her a chance.

So every since I moved, she has been writing little comments that get at me.  Then I finally had it when she wrote on my facebook, "you take a lot of pictures of yourself LOL"  in my head I was like, yeah she is trying to cover it up with a laugh.  I immediately deleted her.  SO WHAT IF DO!? 

Goodness, at least they aren't the same outfit or whatever everytime.  When I go through my pictures, I see how much i've changed and how much i've grown.  It is people like her that get on my nerves.  They can't appreciate the art of makeup and don't take care of themselves. 

We all have our own insecurities, but goodness, please do whatever you can to take care of them.  I work on my insecurities all the time.  I really hate my acne, and I am always trying to find ways to help it.  The effort I put into it helps, because at least I am trying to make myself feel better.  It always seems like when a girl wants to better herself, people immediately think "conceited".  Why can't we fix the way we look or take care of ourselves?

If you are one of those girls that constantly talks trash about other girls, please do us all a favor and shut up and look at yourself.  This world moves on and the truth is, no one really cares.  Please move on and find a new hobby.  Ugly in the inside is ugly on the outside.  People like me can see right through you.

Monday, June 20, 2011

You Know You're Getting Old When.. start asking your mom if she has the same problems!!

So the other day I took a caffeine pill along with two tylenols, on an empty stomach.  Retarded I know.  Well I was puking and felt so ill.  The next day I just took two tylenols and felt sick once again.  My mom called and I was telling her, and she said that she has the same problem and can only take Ibuprofen.  WOW.  I was o man I am aging! 

Friday, June 10, 2011

You're The Best

Most of the time when Walley sleep talks, he's telling the truth.  He unconciously mutters things that I have to figure out.  But today he rolled around, looked at me with half open eyes, and said, "baby you're the best." ..and of course, rolled back to sleep.  Its always times like this that I remember. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Keenan Means Everything To Me

One day if this blog is still around and you read this Keenan, just know that I love you.

Having a child is like giving your heart away.  I had the baby blues when I had Keenan.  I would just stare at him and start crying.  I feared for his life because he was so tiny and I wanted to shield him from the world. 

If anything ever happened to him, I know for sure I would never be the same again.  It is hard raising a child almost by yourself, especially at a young age (i'm 23 but I still think it's sort of young).  He will turn 2 soon on the 30th of June.  Time does fly by, I remember blogging when he was a newborn.  He would just lay there in his bouncer and stare and me as I typed away.  Now he runs around and wants to do everything I do. 

My MIL doesn't really keep in touch and she called this month asking for some money not knowing that it was both her son and grandson's birthday this month.  It bothers me honestly, because the love I have for Keenan is different.  I don't expect anything from him and I don't ever want to.  I want to be able to take care of him as long as I can.  I don't expect him to provide for me when I get older. 

I also hate it because I feel like every time she calls, it ruins the mood for my husband and I have to comfort him even though i'm sure he doesn't care.  I tell him that I love him and that I am here for him, and to not feel bad.  She talks him down and asks him why don't I have a job..which really bothers me because even if I did have a shouldn't be her business.  It really gets under my skin!!!  When asian people don't support stay at home moms..well what else am I supposed to do?  Work at walmart and try to pay for daycare that costs $140+ a week?  I don't even think my paycheck will cover that. 

So anyways, when someone interferes with our life and disrupts it, I can't help but be more protective of my family.  My boys mean everything to me.  They know me better than most people probably